What will the participants of Hi-Tech Building 2022 show??

About two weeks remain until the annual Hi-Tech Building professional exhibition, which will take place Oct. 13-16 at the Borodino Business Hotel.


Let’s talk about some of the new products from the exhibitors:

Alice by Yandex – for the first time at the show and will present Smart Home features from Yandex and solutions for managing hotels, cafes, public spaces and apartment buildings.

IRidi will present the Bus77 protocol and ecosystem. New touchpanels, frames for tablets, server with offline licensing, solutions for KNX projects, including ETS Remote service for remote firmware and KNX bus monitoring will be presented. IRidi will be unveiled on October 14.

GS Labs will present a complex solution DREHOME&TV for organizing “Smart Home” services. Guests will be able to see how a DREHOME&TV smart home is organized by the example of a hotel room “through the eyes of a user” and try to configure scenarios of smart devices’ work by themselves via a mobile app.

Unicorn will show solutions for smart buildings based on Ujin cloud platform, which automates routine household processes and its own line of smart home devices.

Electro-technical plant “Gidroresurs” will present new developments that are integrated into the “Smart Home” system and are a guarantee of protection against water leaks.

Hi-Tech Building 2022 will be attended for the first time:

EVO controls – intelligent IoT platform and equipment for building automation.

Smartbase – solutions in engineering and technical integration, monitoring of building engineering systems and “Smart House” systems, integrated facility management.

Digi house – development and production of equipment for lighting control, home automation, climate control, and background sound control.

Jet Home is a manufacturer of automation equipment. Controllers for home automation solutions with open source software based on Linux.

These are just some of the exhibitors. Registration continues!

More details on the Hi-Tech Building website >

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  1. Ember

    What can we expect to see from the participants at Hi-Tech Building 2022? Will there be any innovative technologies or groundbreaking products on display?

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