What American producers and distributors presented at Hi-Fi & High End Show ONLINE? Part 3

We keep introducing you the new products that manufacturers and distributors are planning to bring to the show in 2020 – and that you will see and hear in person on March 19-21.


ALLB music

We are glad to present you the ALLB music project, which aims to create acoustics with the highest possible accuracy of reproduction. For 13 years, ALLB music has been manufacturing its own speakers, speaker cabinets. And ALLB music is not just an assembly line, where the speakers are assembled from readymade parts. Absolutely everything including speakers and cabinets is made by ourselves and only by hand.


VALENTINA Project presents a new line of speakers Tower – Valentina. Designed for aficionados of sleek form, these speakers with their new cabinets, super tweeters, hidden bass reflex ports and replaceable elements will please audiophiles who love aesthetics and design.


LB-Horn Also, AllB music presents the unparalleled LB-Horn 500 four-way acoustic system. You can see the final version, fully debugged and tuned, at an in-person exhibition. These speakers have been designed and built over almost twenty years – and are well worth a look!!


V-Sound is young and growing company with a team of professionals in different fields: sound engineers, musicians, vocalists, designers, engineers… The company produces acoustic systems for home and wants to fill the vacuum in the market of professional acoustics for home.


TUTTI This year V-Sound presented a totally new product – the V-SOUND Tutti three-way horn loudspeaker system. The system is built on a professional foundation and designed for concert, club sound with great sound pressure, but when listening to music at low volume, you can also enjoy crystal clear sound.

“Absolute Audio.”

Absolute Audio has been working on the Hi Fi and High End equipment distribution market since 1999. During its work has established itself as a reliable partner with a good reputation in the market. The company’s range includes high quality speakers and electronic components for both stereo and home theatre systems. Brand names: Anthem, Paradigm, Conrad – Johnson


ANTHEM: MDX-8 AND MDX-16 The company introduced a new line of multi-room amplifiers from Anthem: the MDX-8 and MDX-16. Among the main features of the line are 8 or 16 channels of amplification Ultra-Class-D with the highest sound quality, 60W 8 Ohm /120W 4 Ohm , support for 200W 8 Ohm bridging, Anthem ARC® Genesis Room Correction System for each zone – included, and fully digital analog matrix switching – any input to any output.

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