Wearable Samsung devices will be used for the automation of logistics companies

New York, October 17, 2016. – Wearable devices Samsung Electronics formed the basis of intelligent solutions for logistics companies: a tool for load balancing between the employees of the warehouse and a system of 3D visualization of the warehouse. The solutions were developed by a group of companies




Samsung wearable devices will be used to automate the work of logistics companies

LOGISTIX has developed an intelligent workforce distribution system based on the Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness bracelets. Thanks to the technology of biotelemetry, bracelets measure the heart rate and other indicators of employees. Based on this information, the LEAD WMS Balance module can then help delegate tasks to employees, ensuring they are not overworked and maintaining effective productivity. Operations managers can also determine which operations an employee performs and monitor their workload. In addition, the solution regularly provides up-to-date data on the health status of each employee.

Based on Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses, a system of real-time monitoring of the warehouse complexes was developed. It is designed to create a realistic interactive image of a working warehouse. 3D visualization module used in the system, LEAD WMS, provides the effect of presence and allows you to observe the state and operation of the warehouse and the processes occurring in it. This solution can be used to control and optimize internal warehouse processes, as well as in the design of warehouse facilities In addition, the system can clearly demonstrate to investors and consumers the features of warehouse logistics.

“The internal processes of large logistics companies are complex and require careful control and optimization by the IT system. Modern wearable devices from Samsung coped with this task well,” said Dmitry Blinov, technical director of LOGISTIX. – With the Gear VR fitness bracelet and virtual reality glasses, we have been able to create solutions that will optimize warehouse operations, be more flexible, compete in the market and grow.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness bracelet features autonomous GPS and detects real-time activity type and captures user metrics such as: distance walked, steps, calories burned and heart rate. The device has a 1.5-inch display with Super AMOLED technology and thanks to the ergonomic casing and curved screen is comfortable to use.

The new Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses, based on innovative technology, were unveiled on August 2, 2016. The glasses are equipped with a USB connector and quality lenses with a diameter of 42 mm, providing a viewing angle of 101°. Intuitive interface and ergonomic body design with a light, natural fit make the Gear VR goggles as comfortable to use as possible, and through quick response and Samsung’s simplified visual perception, the likelihood of motion sickness is minimized. Finally, the Gear VR lets you view or turn off notifications for incoming calls and messages, and the “Through View” feature lets you see what’s going on around you without taking your eyes off the image.

New logistics solutions based on Samsung wearable devices were presented at the 7th international exhibition of warehouse equipment and automation systems CeMAT 2016.

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