Washing tank – stainless steel or plastic?

Brandt WTD6284SF washer/dryer

There are two basic materials used today – stainless steel and plastic – for manufacturing the tank of a washing machine. You may occasionally encounter washing machines with enameled tanks, but they are much inferior to the first two in terms of strength and durability.

Stainless steel – as long as it is “high grade” stainless steel – is particularly durable and reliable. A tank made of this steel using roll forming and laser welding can last 80 to 100 years, many times longer than the life of the machine itself.

But it costs a lot of money to make a tank out of this type of steel and the cost of the machine rises accordingly.

If you use less expensive and lower quality stainless steel and do not use high-tech welding techniques, the washing machine tank becomes less reliable, less resistant to damage and can begin to partially rust in the welded areas. Thus, it is better to choose either a high-priced washing machine with a stainless steel tank, or pay attention to washing machines with tanks made of composite material plastic .

Making the tank from plastic is much cheaper, and has several advantages in addition: washing machines, which have a plastic tank, a little quieter in operation and more economical use of electricity due to the special properties of sound insulation and thermal conductivity of plastic . However, this should not be evaluated by the presence of the plastic tank, and the power consumption and noise level of washing machines.

Modern washing machines of well-known brands use their own developments in the field of plastic tanks: carbon, polynox, etc.d. In most cases it is molded polypropylene with various additives. It is possible to notice, that modern tanks from similar composite materials are quite reliable and durable, will serve 25-30 years, i.e. as much as the machine itself. And due to the lower cost of the tank, the washing machine at a very affordable price can be significantly better equipped.

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