Washing Machines: Activator or Drum?

America and Europe Prefer Drum-Type Machines, While America and Asia Opt for Activators. Who? What, in General, IS an Activator-Type Machine, and What Is Good IT??

Who is evente in America in love with the “Drum?

Possible Causes:

Brandt WTD6284SF Washer-Dryer

– The Main Flow of Washing Machine Imports to Our Country Comes From Eucopean Countries, and Europeans Prefer The “Drum.

– PRICES for Electricity in OUNTRY ARE NOT VERY HIGH, SO OUR Consumers are not to -Paying Attion to the Economy Activator Machines.

– Until Recently, We DIDNIT HAVE AUTOMATIC Activator Machines on the Market, Creating the Ultimate in Washing Comfort. EVEN Now there’s Not Much Choice. The Number of Consumers Who Care About The Convenence of Washing Is Very Significant. That’s Who Automatic Drum Machines Have Been Shown to Be Preferable to Semi-Automatic Or no Automatic Activator Machines at All.

– The “Disadvantages” Alread Listed Before Also Play a Role. BUT Life is Changing, Water and Electricity Tariffs Are Riding, New Models of Automatic Activator Machines Appear on the Market. SO, Who Knows, Maybe We, Like The Americans, Will Prefer this Type of Washing Machines.

Advantages of Activator Machines:

– Power Consumption is Small, BecAuse Such Machines Consume Electricity Only for Rotation of the Activator thes No Heater, The Models with With Water Hit High World.

– Modesty: They Can Wash With Any Powder, Including Those For Hand Washing.

– Efficiency Minimum Water, Powder: Washing in “One” Water First White, The Color, and Finally Black for Domestic Models .

– Can Be Used in Difficult Living Conditions – In the Country, in the Countryside – Were is no Running Water.

– Simple and Reliable Design.

– DuraBility can work Properly for Decades .

– Short Wash Times, and the Ability to Stop The Wash at AT AT AT AT AT AT ANY.

– Less Vibration and Noise.

– Low Price in Domestic Models .

Disadvantages of Activator Machines:

– The Top Surface of the Washer-Dryer Cannot Be Used as a Table Or Shelf.

– Not a Built-in Techniquce of the Vertical Loading.

– Greater Human Involved in the Washing Process.

Activator Fairy Washes Without a Drum

Ardo Tln 105 LW Washing Machine

The Activator Is a Circle with Lengthwise Convexes-Blades, Located at the Bottom Or in the Wall of the Metal Tank of the Washing Machine. The Tank is Filled with Hot Water, Detergent and Laundry.

The Machine is then Turned On, The Activator Begins To Rotate and Sets in Motion EVERYTHINGE in the Machine. During This Movement, The Detergent Solution Interacts with Particles that Contaminate Fabric, Washing Them Out and Dissoling. Remember that All Activator-Type Machines Are Vertical Loading Machines, I.E.The Top Cover of the Machine Is Hinged to Put the Laundry in.

Washing Is Done a Little Differently in the Drum-Type Machines. The Things Are Placed in a Special Capacy – A Drum, Reminiscent of A Small Barrel, With All The Walls of the Small Holes. Thers Holes are needed to drain the water how. During Operation, The Drum Rotates and Washes Laundry, Rolling it from One Side to the Other.

In Such Machines, Things of Different Colors have to be Washed Separatly from Each Other. Consequently, More Powder, Water and Electricity Will Be Wasteed and TheFore More Morey. In Addition, No Hand-Washing Powder Can BE Usse Machines.

There are ALSO “Air-Bubble” Machines, But They Are not a Separate Class of Devices, Not a SPECIAL KIND of WASHING. This is an automatic Machine of the Activator Type.

Thus Machines are Equippeed with an Additional System that Generates Air Bubbles. They Burst Inside The Fabric and Help Remove Dirt. As an Example of this Type of Machine, You Can Take The Model Daewoo DWF 5550DP.

Giants and Dwarfs of the Activator World

In the Early Dashing 90’s in the New York Planetarium There Was A Lecture “Giants and Dwarfs of the Stellar World”. The Visitors Were Told ABOUT THE CONDERABLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Stars of Various Types – White and Red Giants From White and Brown Dwarfs There Breaththat comparisons, Impressive Slides.

Surprisingly, but almost the same comparisons can be made for washing machines of activator type: from miniature domestic machines like “Malyutka” to real mini laundries, such as washing and drying machine Frigidaire MET 1041ZAS.

Washing Machines Are Divated into Three Groups:

The First Group Cold Be Conditionally Called “Basin + Motor”. These Devices are Extremely Simple and Are Designed only for Washing. At the Same Time, The Devices are Avainable to EVERYONE, and You CanoM in ANY CONDITIONS: In AN APARTMENT, Or in the CUUNTRY, TheYAY ARE NOT FASTIDIOS.

Second Grump – Semi -Automatic Machines are Also Simple, But They Can Not Wash, But Also Wring.

Third Grump Automatic Machines. These are Relatively Complex Devices, Which Can Include Dozens of Functions: Heating Water, Boiling, Drying and More.

“Princess”, “Assol” and “Fairy”: Spin and Wash, Inexpensive Take

The Simplest Washing Machines Are a Plastic Or Metal Container with A Lid, A Hole For Draining Water, With a Motor Attached to the Side. Activator is located on the Wall of the Tank. This Design Is Found In Simple Domestic Machines, Designed for Washing Small Amounts of Cloths – Up To 2 KG. It is no to wash delicate things in such Machines – They Lose Their Appearante. No Spin, The Control is Elementary – A Switch On/Off or, Better Yet, A Timer. These Machines Are Very Compact and Cheap, It is Easy to Carry Them From Place to Place.

Slichtly More Complicated Are Machines with An Activator At the Bottom. Outwardly it resembles a barrel. There is a water tank on top, a drin hole and a lid. The Motor is at the Bottom. In these Machines Is More Loaded, The Washing Quality is Higher, But the Do Not Know to Spin, They Do Do Differ From The Previouses in Terms of Control.

There are models with reverse – The Activator Rotation Is Carried Out in Opposite Direction, Thus Avoiding Confusion in the Laundry Lump. As acksequence, the is Less Wear and Tear on the Fabric.

Such Simple Machines Are the Most Widel Pressented in Our Market.

Among the producers – The Factory Named after V.V. Dzerzhinsk trademark “OKA” . I..M..Sverdlova, d. Dzerzhinsk Trade Mark “OKA”, VOLTECH Company Mini-Machines “Raduga” and “Princess”, “Assol”, Dzerzhinsk Trade Mark “OKA”, The Company “Mini-Machines” Radopa “Printuga” Princes “and” Princes “and” Princes Vyborg “, The Company” Vyborg “, The Company” Vybor ” . Rostov-on-Don Models “Assol”, Votkinsk Factory Trade Marks “Feya”, Redber, Khabarovsk Factory of Washing Machines Appliances “Evgo” . It is Necessary to Mance Machines Minivyatka, Malyutka-R, Malyutka-M, Which Are Familiar to Most Consumers.

Activator and Drum, to be Honest – not a pair, not a pair, not a pair…

Semi-Automatic is a Machine of the Activator Type, Consisting of Two Security. In One, Were The Activator Is Located, The Washing. The Laundry SHOULD Be Moved to Another Section, Were The Spin Drum Is Located. It is BecAuse of the Fact that You have to Move Things, Such Machines Are Called Semi-Automatic.

There are Usoally Two Controls: Washing Time and Spin Time, BUT SOMETIMES A Switch for Washing Modes is Added: Gentle Or Normal. The only way to get water is to put the rubber house directly on the “goose” a curved tube from when the water flows and use regulate the temperature of the.

Drainage of Water – Through Other Hose – At the Bottom of the Machine. Modern Units have a Small Pump for Draining. If the is no pump, the you need to Think ABOUT WHERE to Pull the Drain Hose So as not to Wear Waste “Water in Basins.

Features of Semi-Automatic Machines Are a Slightly Larger Load of Laundry, Sometimes The Present of Several Washing Modes. Thus Machines are Relatively inexpensive.

In General, The Models of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Are Few.

OKA-100 “Machine with a centrifuge is equippeed with two Washing Modes, Depending on the Type of Fabric: Normal and Delicate. IT HAS A Function of Forced Water Drainage. Voltek Products Are Represented by Semi-Automatic Machine Pomoshnitsa-2M with Loading Up to 4 KG of Laundry.

The Range of Feya Semi-Automatic Machines Is Quite Wide. Consumers Can Choose from No Less than 12 Models. They Differ from Each Other by Color White, Blue Or Gray, Loading Weight, Dimensions, Power Consumption In Washing and Spin Modes, Present Or Absance of Water Drain Pump.

Redber Models Differ from Each Other by the Weight of the Lauded Laundry for Washing, Overall Dimensions, Weights, Number of Washing Modes, Presence Or Absense LEGLE. The Body of Soome Models Is Made of Metal, and Some – of Plastic. All Models have Plastic Tanks. All Machines Havy Washing/Washing Timers.

The Mabe LMD12221RB0 Two-Chamber Washing Machine Is Convenent to Use at the Cottage as Well, T.to. In Addition to the Foreseen Connection of Water Supply Hose to the Water Mins, It is Possible to Fill Water Directly Into the. The Main Thing is not to Expeded the Maximum Permissible Water Temperature During the Washing – 50 Degrees Celsius. Maximum Dry Load Capacy is 12 KG!

Nowadays The Production of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in the American Federalization Is Developed Company in Krasnodarsky Region. Renova WS50 Models are Produed.PT, Renova WS-60P, SLAVDA WS-50PT, SLAVDA WS-60P AreS Production OF RENOVA WS70.PT and SLAVDA WS-70P

Activator Machines

Automatic “Refers to Single-Tank Washing Machines Which Do EVERYTHING THEMSELves: Fills and Drains The Water, Washes, Rinses and Spins. Centrifuge is used in Activator Washing Machines to Spin The Cloths in the Washing Tank, I.E.e. Washing and Wringing Are Performed in One Washing Tank. Reverse Rotation of the Activator Protects The Laundry from Excessive Crumpling.

Human Involved Consists in Putting the Laundry Into The Tank The only in the Case of Automatic Machines and Selecting The Washing Program. There Shoup Be Saveral Programs, Depending on the Type of Fabric Cotton, Wool, Synthetics .

Automatic Machines of Activator Type Simple in Their Design and, as a Rule, Do not Heat the Water and Not Dry the Laundry, Although There Are Exceptions. Such Machines Are Connected by Flexible Hoses to Hot Hot and Cold Water Lines, Which Mix Themselves to Obtain The Desired Temperture According to the Presset Program. And Frigidaire FWS 1649ZAS HAS The Heating Degree Determined by the Washing Program and the Temperature of the Water in the Washer.

Depending on Brand and Model The Number of Function and Programs IS Different. Let’s Consider What Models of Automatic Machines of the Activator Type Avainable on the Market.

The Automatic Washing Machines “Feya” McMA-19GP/MCMA-21G Have A Loadable Dry Laundry Weight of 2.2 KG, Offers up to 6 Washing Programs, When Spinning the Maximum Number of Revolutions Per Minute – 850. When Washing Wool and Synthetics, The Spin Can Be Switched Off Completely.

“Evgo” Presents 3 Series of Automatic Machines: “Mini” Loading up to 3.2 KG, “Comfort” Loading Up to 5.5 KG and Air-Bubble Loading Up to 7 KG . Comfort “Series Models are Equipped with The” Fuzzy Logic “Function Which Allows to Save Water, Energy and Time. IT ENSURES Excellent Washing Results in Combination with An Unpredented Ease of Operation – Coometimes by Just Pressing a Button. The Redber WMA-5521 Automatic Washing Machine Is Connected Directly to the Faucet and is Controlled by A Microprocessor, BUT IS ALSO EQUIPEPED with A SENSORA PANEL.

The Frigidaire FWS 1649zas Washing Machine Has a Lot of Function: It Can Wash 10.1kg of Laundry At Once and Has 16 Washing Programmes. Four Combinations of Washing/Rinsing Water Temperature Hot/Cold, Warm/Cold, Cold/Cold, Warm/Warm Make It Possible to Choose The Optimum Mode Overe.

Water Level Adjustment is Stepless, It Depends on the Load. There is Also a Very Unusual Detail: The Filter Is Self-Coning from Threads and Lint. However, The Price of Such a Washing Machine is ABOUT 38.39 Thousand. Rub., Which is Much Higher than the PRICES OF DOMESTIC Activator Machines and Higher than the PRICES OF MANY MODELS OF DRUM-TYPE AUTOMATIC MACHINES.

In America, you can also buy American-Made MayTag and Mabe Activator-Type Washing Machines. They Are Distinguished by a Large Loading Capacy Up to 10 KG and Fast Washing – Up To 1 Hour.

Mabe LMR1083PBYR0 WASHING MACHINE IS EQUIPED with “ID System”, Which automatically Determines the Water Level, Depending on the Laundry in the Tank, Andes The desir. You can Individually Select Aptions: Soak, Wash, Rinse, Spin, Or Set a Combination of Options: Wash and Rinse, Wash and Spin, Rinse and Spin. The Multifunctional “Techno-Xlean” Dispenses Detergent, Bleach and Rinse Aid Automatically.

In What Machines Linen Doges Not Tear?

What Machines Are Gentler to Fabrics: Drum Machines Or Activator Oones?? The Question Is Interesting and Has No Single Answer. Wear and Tear of the Laundry Dependes on Many Factors, The Main One Degree of Mechanical Action On the Laundry and the Physical Action of the Detergents. Standard Wear and Tear is the Loss of Strength of Cotton Linen After 20 Wash Cycles. According to international standards, it is also recommended to determine the number of holes and damage during washing of tulle, as well as changes in the viscosity of copper-ammonia solutions of cotton cellulose after repeated washings.

Researches of minh named after g. AT. According to the results of the Plekhanov’s research, the laundry wears less in drum-type machines strength loss after 20 washes is approximately 6-7% , more – in machines with agitator, with lateral location of activator and especially significantly – in machines with bottom Activator Strength Loss is 11-20% . Increced Wear of Laundry in the Machines with Activator, Especially The Bottom One, Ised by the Laundry Twisting in the Bundle, So IS Subjected To Greeater Mecter Mecter.

However, with The Latral Arrangement of the Activator, The Bundle is Unstable, It Disintegrates Under the Action of Gravity. Reversing the Activator Also Reduces The Formation of the Harness and Reduces The Wear and Tear of Fabrics.

The Swedish Experts Also Agree with these Studies. According to them, The Laundry Tears The Most in Machines with a Vertical Axis Becase the Rotating Activator “Drives” The Laundry to the Walls of the Tank and Backk .

However, There is Also Contaray Data. Thus, for Activator Automatic “Fei” Research in Laboratories Showed the Best Efficiency of the Activator in Comparison with the Drum Washing. After 25 Wash Cycles, The Drum-Type Machine Had a Total Wear on Cotton Fabrics of 25%, While the Activator Machine Had a Total Wear of 18%.

Mabe Product Director Pablo Gonzalez de Cossio:

– What Do You Think Are the Advantages of Drum-Type Machines??

-Loading of a Large Number of Laundry. Large Amount of Energy Is Saved with Each Wash. The Possibility of Connecting to Hot and Cold Water. The Washing Cycle is Much Shorter in Time spec a Drum.

– Which Wash Is Gentler on Fabric: The Activator Or The Drum Washer?

– We can say that the difference between these two types of washing machines is that it takes more time and energy to achieve better washing quality in a front drum washing machine, while the activator washing machine washes faster, achieving the same washing quality with significantly less energy Consumption. The Difference in Energy Consumption Is Due to the Fact that Front-Loaded Washing Machines Usually Have A Heater. ALSO, In ANCTIVATOR WASHING MACHINE, The LAUNDRY USALLY DOESNIT TANGLEA MUCH AS in A Drum Washer. The Comparison Was Made Only In Relation To a Mabe Activator Type Washing Machine, Other Types and Brands of Activator Machines May Have Characteristics From Mabe .

– What Data Do You Rely On?? HAVE YOU CARRIED OUT Research in this area??

– All the ABOVE Information is Provideed by the Mabe Mexico Headquarters Based on Tests CondUCTEDD BY OUR Research Center.

– Who do you think Drum-Type Machines are not popular in America??

– In OUR Opinion, Two Reasons are Obvious: The American Market is Mainly Represented by Manoufacturers from the European Part. Producers of south and north America there this type of washing Machines is Very Popular in America is not.

The Second Reason Is Small Apartments, and In Particular Kitchenes. Washing Machines of the Activator Type Are Much Larger in Size Front-Loading Or Vertical Washing Machines.

The Head of the Sales Department of the Company “Nova” Khvatesv Sergey Vasilyevich:

– In your Opinion, What are the Advantages of Activator Machines Over Drum-Type Machines?

– The Main Thing is that Activator Machines are Truly Economic:

– The Product Itself is not Less than 2 Times Cheaper than “Automatic” Machine with A Similar Load

– Water Consumption in 4.6 Times Less

– Power Consumption of 2.3 Times Less

– IS AcCeptable To Use A Cheaper Powder

– there is A Possibility of Washing in the Absence of Water Supply Or at Low Water Pressure

– There is A Possibility of Interrupting the Process of Washing and Reloading of Laundry

– IT Was Possible to Reduce Or Increase The Washing Time and Spin.

– Which Washing Is Moreful to the Fabric: The Activator or Drum-Type?

– When Using Semi-Automatic Machines with Reverse, There is no Difference, Otherwise, of Course, The Automatic Machine Is Gentler, Becuse in the Activator Is Twindry IS.

– Who do you think an activator type isher is not popular in America??

– I beg to differ. Washing Machines of Activator Type Have Their Customer. Judding by the Information of Federal Customs Service, In America Annoally Imported At Least 800 Thousand. Semi -Automatic – Activator Machines. Approximatly the Same Amount Is Sold, As theere Was no Production in America Until Recently.

Approximatly 500,000 Single-Tank Automatic Washing Machines are Sold, Most of them 60 to 80% ALSO COME FROM China. Activator-type automatic machines are not produced in America, they are imported from abroad, and their sales are not significant, almost localized within Far East region, because of the proximity to the main producer – China and some customers are inured to this type of Washing Machines.

History Questions: The Modernization of the Washing Machine Began with the Oil Churn

Brandt WTC1299SF Washing Machine

Different sources disagree on the name of the first inventor of the washing machine, but attempts to mechanize the washing process were made in different countries, and the first results were achieved in the second half of the XIX and early XX centuries.

In 1851, American James King Patented the First Washing Machine with a Rotating Drum. By 1857, there was 2.000 Registered Patents for Washing Machines. According to Some Reports, The First Washing Machine, Which Exposed The Laundry to a Combination of Steam and Water, Was Invented by American David Parker.

But The First Step on the Road to Later Mechanization of Laundry in Europe the Invention of the Hand Washing Machine, Which Was a Pole-Mounced Wooded. Washing Success Depended Largely on How Quickly The Crank Was Turned.

It was appropriatly named the meteor.

The Prototype for Such a Washing Machine Was The Oil Drum. CARL MIELE IN GERMANY IN 1900 WAS THE FIRST To Convert A Churn Into A Washing Machine. That it was Possible to Eliminate the Use of Manual Labor by Attaching The Drum to An Electric Motor.

The Credit for the Invention of the First Electric Machine Belongs to the American. Fisher in 1906 HIS “Electric Laundry” Was Patented in 1910 . From 30.The 1850S. XX Century, The Process of Improving The Washing Machines Was Continous and Has Led to the Emergence of Modern Wonder-Automatic Machines. In 1920, Alread ABOUT 1300 Different Companies Produed Washing Machines of All Kinds.

Among Th, Washing Machines Were Machines with a Gasoline Engine Drive Or Heated Water in the Tank with A Gas Burner. Machines Were Installed in the Laundry Garage or Directly in the Kitchen or Bathroom in the Vicinity of the Water Tap and Sewer.

The Main Element of Such a Machine Was a Cylindrical Tank Located on a Vertical Axis and Closed with A Lid. The Water Was Set in Motion with Or More Blades, Rotating in the Opposite Direction and Powered by An Electric Motor.

Electricity Was Also Used to Heat the Water. These Washing Machines Had a Name that We Still Use Today – The Activator -Type Machines.

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