Washing machine with dryer: the best novelties of 2017

Washing machine with dryer: which one is better? With short programs or large loading, narrow or full-size, with a variety of programs or with a wide hatch?

Introducing the 2017 models: Candy CSW4 365D/2-07, LG TW7000DS, Electrolux EW 51697 BWD, Samsung WD5500K.



Candy CSW4




Electrolux EWW

51697 BWD



Dimensions, mm






6 + 5

17 + 3,5

9 + 6

8 + 6

Spinning speed, rpm


1000 700



The country of manufacturer





Price, Dollars.

From 24,795

From 110 590

From 98 990

From 51 690

Candy CSW4 365D/2-07


The only narrow washer-dryer in our review, which makes the purchase of this model extremely attractive for owners of apartments with small bathrooms.


  • Traditional for Candy “high” position of the door, which greatly simplifies the process of loading the laundry.
  • Gathered the most popular washing programs, including short and special programs. Washing + drying in 59 min.”that not only gets your clothes washed but also dried in just one hour.
  • Smart Touch technology. The machine can be controlled directly from your smartphone without using any switches at all. On your smartphone you can see how much water and electricity is consumed in a given period. The machine will also prompt to descale the heater or clean the filter. No need to call for repairs to fix minor faults.


Three levels of tumble drying – “Dry”, “Under the iron”, “Drying on the hanger”

Short programs, Smart Touch, easy location of the hopper, KG-detector system, reasonable price.

Simple design.


Price: from 24 795 Dollars.

DIMENSIONS: 850x600x440mm.

LOADING: washing: 6 kg, drying: 5 kg.

PROGRAMS: 16 + Smart Touch loading programs Washing – Cotton + Prewash, Cotton, Fast 14, 30, 44 min. , Children’s clothes, Delicate, Mixed, Wool, Daily in 59 min., Manual wool/silk Drying – Wool, Mixed, Intensive Washing + Drying in 59 min.

DOP. FUNCTIONS: Prewash, Rinse, Drain + Spin select temperature, spin speed.

RPM: 1300 rpm.

CONTROL: electronic buttons + rotary selector delayed start up to 24 hours . , adjustment of spin speed, temperature and drying programs, indication of end time, temperature, drying programs, KG-detector Smart Touch function control with smartphone by NFC technology .

CLASS: washing – A, spin – B, power consumption – B, the expense in one cycle: electricity – 4,85 kW – h wash + dry 60 ° , water – 110 l.

CONSTRUCTION: brush motor, tank Silitech, stainless steel drum, the diameter of the loading hatch of 35 cm KG-detector electronic system to determine the weight of the loaded laundry , noise level when washing – 58dB, when wringing – 77dB, imbalance control system, the door opening angle 170⁰.

SAFETY: child-proof, door lock, overflow protection, foam control.

COLOUR: white body and white door.




This machine is equipped with two drums, which can simultaneously run different programs, in addition, in a small compartment can dry clothes.


  • Two drums for simultaneous washing of clothes with different programs.
  • Combo programmable with Quick Wash + Dry. This algorithm comes in handy when speed is important.
  • The presence of a built-in steam generator significantly improves the quality of washing, as well as reduces water consumption.
  • Thanks to the Wi-Fi module built into the machine, you can control the appliance from your tablet or smartphone.


EcoHybrid technology is used, thanks to which drying can be done in two ways – with heated air or with hot water

Impressive loading rates, EcoHybrid technology, steam function, futuristic design, large number of additional options

Few drying programs.


Price: from 110,590 Dollars.

DIMENSIONS: 700x835x990mm.

LOADING: main drum – 17 kg, additional drum – 3.5 kg.

PROGRAMS: Washing – Cotton, Hypoallergenic, Hot Water, Freshening, Baby Clothes, Blanket, Sportswear, Wool, Quick wash + Dry, Rinse + Spin, Bedding, Cold wash, My program Drying – Dry one piece.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS: Turbo Wash, Steam, Soak, Prewash, Intensive, Normal, Easy, P++ non-drain, H+ non-drain, Rinse++, Rinse+, Turbo-dry, Eco-dry.

EXTIGUISHMENT: main drum at 1000 rpm, mini drum at 700 rpm.

CONTROL: electronic – touch panel, delayed start mode, spin speed and temperature settings, child lock buttons, display of finish time, temperature, drying programs, the ability to add laundry during the program, the ability to change the duration of drying in a wide range technology Smart Diagnosis remote diagnosis of failure by using smartphone , remote control machine via Wi-Fi.

CLASS: washing – A, spin – C, energy efficiency – A, consumption per cycle: 3.23/1.41 kW h, water – 173/138 L.

CONSTRUCTION: direct-drive inverter motor, automatic laundry weight control system, Eco Hybrid technology, imbalance control system, remote control from smartphone, steam generator, the presence of two drums with independent control.

SAFETY: child lock, door lock, overflow protection, foam control.

COLOR: stainless steel housing and black door with chrome trim.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

Electrolux EWW 51697 BWD


The machine is full-size, and its load is huge, allowing you to easily wash a huge plaid or drapes at home. The list of washing programs includes only the most necessary modes.


  • Time manager function allows you to change the duration of basic programs. Similar options are available for drying modes.
  • “Favorite program”: the user can create his own algorithm including certain settings and save it in the settings.
  • Steam treatment allows to get rid of unpleasant odor without washing.
  • The machine is Woolmark certified, which means you can wash woollens and delicate fabrics without having to worry about their looks.


You can choose from three programs according to the type of garments.

Large load, inverter motor, low power consumption, steam function, availability of interesting options.

High cost.


Price: 98,990 Dollars.

DIMENSIONS: 850x600x605 mm.

LOADUP: Washing capacity 9 kg, Drying capacity 6 kg.

PROGRAMS: Washing – Cotton, Cotton Eco, Synthetics, Thin fabrics, Silk, Wool/Hand wash, Blankets Drying – Wool, Synthetics, Cotton, Steam Washing and Drying 60 Minutes.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS: Spin/Drain, Rinse, Prewash, Extra rinse.

RPM: 1600 rpm.

CONTROL: electronic touch buttons + rotary selector programs , delayed start up to 20 hours .Indication of the end time, maximum load, temperature, drying degree, washing and drying phases, ECO Info, spin cycle, etc.

CLASS: washing – A, spinning – A, power consumption – A, consumption per cycle: electricity – 1,05 kW h laundry , 6.12 kW h laundry + drying , water – 102 l.

CONSTRUCTION: inverter motor, plastic tank, Opti Sense, built-in steam generator, washng noise level – 51dB, spinning noise – 77dB, drying noise – 63dB, system of imbalance control, door opening angle 170°⁰.

SAFETY: child safety shield, door lock, full anti-flood protection, unbalance control.

COLOR: Body is white, hatch is white with black trim.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

Samsung WD5500K

Home Appliances

Thanks to the additional loading door – Add Wash, you can add laundry to the machine during the washing process.


  • Standard modes are in harmony with more specific algorithms, which include washing children’s clothes. This program allows you to rid your baby’s laundry of allergic detergents and germs.
  • The “Freshen” function means to treat things with a mixture of steam and hot air.
  • Built-in foam generator Eco Bubble technology . The detergent is put into the drum in the form of foam which considerably increases the washing efficiency and reduces the power consumption due to the lower water temperature.


Conventional or delicate.

Air Wash technology, enlarged load, extra loader compartment, modern design, inverter motor.

No ability to control or diagnose via smartphone.


Price: from 51 690 Dollars.

DIMENSIONS: 850x600x600mm.

RUBBER loading: Washing cycle 8, drying cycle 6 kg.

PROGRAMS: Washing – Cotton, Synthetics, Wool, Children’s items, Delicates, Rinse + Spin, ECO drum cleaning, Freshen up, ECO economic washing, 15″ Quick wash, Daily wash Drying – Drying, Delicate drying.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS: Intensive washing, Prewash, Intensive soaking choice of drying options, Add Wash technology adding laundry during the wash .

RPM: 1400 rpm.

CONTROL: electronic buttons + rotary selector , delayed start mode, spin speed and temperature settings, child-proof button lock, indication of end time, temperature and wash phases, buzzer mute function, changing the duration of drying in a wide range, Smart Check function diagnostics of malfunctions by smartphone .

CLASS: washing – A, spin – B, power consumption – A, the expense per cycle of washing: electricity – 5,44 kW h, water – 88 L.

CONSTRUCTION: Inverter motor, automatic laundry weight control system, Eco Bubble technology, ceramic heater, additional door, Air Wash drying technology, Diamond Drum.

SAFETY: child lock, door lock, overflow protection, foam control.

COLOUR: white housing, dark blue door with chrome trim.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

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