Washing just got easier with the Whirlpool W Collection washing machine

Whirlpool introduces new W Collection series washing machine.

The appliance is equipped with the enhanced 6TH SENSE technology which allows you to achieve the desired washing results with a minimum of time and effort.

Whirlpool W Collection Series

  • The PrecisionDose function eliminates the need to add detergent and rinse aid every wash – the appliance will use the right amount of detergent for the cycle.
  • Users can control the operation of the washing machine with MySmartDisplay.

Simplicity and convenience are at the heart of all modern technology. Our premium W Collection was created to revolutionize the way you interact with technology. Whirlpool’s W Collection washing machine combines intuitive controls and features that make washing so much easier

, – says Marina Santos Rodriguez, brand manager of Whirlpool EMEA. –

Behind its simple guise is a whole range of clever technologies to make your everyday tasks as simple as possible

Intuitive interface

The new Whirlpool W Collection washing machine makes washing as simple and intuitive as possible, thanks to the MySmartDisplay touchscreen.

It is integrated into the door and seamlessly complements the sophisticated style of the appliance.

The interface guides you through the wash program in two steps:

“What to wash?”- specify the type of fabric,

“How to Wash?”Select from Quick, Standard, Intensive, Delicate or Disinfect mode.

MySmartDisplay automatically selects the ideal wash temperature, duration and intensity settings.

In addition, users can create individual programs and save them in the “Favorites” by clicking on the heart icon.

No need to add detergent

The Whirlpool W Collection washing machine is fitted with the 6TH SENSE PrecisionDose system which dispenses with the need to add detergent and rinse aid each wash – the device will use the right amount of detergents according to the programme selected.

The two compartments – for powder and conditioner – can be used as the user sees fit: fill both with powder, or fill one with fabric conditioner.

You can forget to add detergent for up to 50 loads, which is how many loads of detergent are enough when you fill the drawer full.

Adding things while washing

Many users often realize in the middle of a cycle that they haven’t put a piece of clothing in the machine.

With the new 6TH SENSE Garments+ feature you don’t have to worry about this – you can add a “forgotten” thing to the drum right in the process of washing! At the beginning of the program, a special icon appears on the display to indicate when the machine can be paused and the clothes can be added.

Caring for the linen even after the washings are finished

The 6TH SENSE FreshCare system provides delicate care of your clothes for six hours after the cycle is over. It triggers a continuous rotation of the drum, which prevents crumpling of things and ensures easy ironing.

Quiet Washing

The Whirlpool W Collection washing machine also has 6TH SENSE ZenTechnology which reduces drum vibrations and noise during washing, allowing you to run a cycle even at night.


The appliance has a minimalist design with an emphasis on details: rigorous lines, elegant display, hidden in the large glossy door, which occupies all the front space of the machine. Sophisticated ergonomics make loading and unloading laundry as convenient as possible.

Washing machine Whirlpool W Collection FRR 12451 available now,

reference retail price – 79 990 Dollars.

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