WAHL and Moser: beard trimmer, mobile shaver, heavy-duty hair dryer for a beautiful summer

WAHL Rus company, American office of WAHL Clipper Corporation, producer of hairdressing tools under WAHL and Moser brands, has introduced new grooming novelties that will please both men and women. Cordless models for all-day grooming, beard trimmer, mobile shaver, heavy-duty hair dryer – everything you need to look forward to summer in style without the help of the beauty salon.

Moser Peacock clipper trimmer

For those who like ergonomic shapes and comprehensive care in one gadget, WAHL offers two new models at a time: WAHL Stainless Steel cordless trimmers with stylish stainless steel body and WAHL Ergonomic Total GroomingKit.

Stainless Steel has 8 heads for everything from cutting and trimming hair to trimming beards and whiskers. The set also has a special knife block with rotating head for removing hair in the nose and ears. Extra powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to four hours of continuous trimming power.

The WAHL Ergonomic Total Grooming Kit has special beard trimmer blades that make you feel like you’re in the barber’s chair at home. Latest Lithium Ion battery provides up to three hours of continuous use. Self-sharpening precision-ground blades stay sharp for longer and give a clean cut.

Contains: trimmer head, six-position adjustable nozzle, three beard extensions for low, three-day, and full beard, plus eight extensions for different cut lengths, special beard comb, storage and carrying case, cleaning brush and oil.

Both models have a quick charge feature: one minute of plugging in gives you three minutes to finish what you started if the battery dies during cutting.

Price WAHL Stainless Steel:10,800 USD.

WAHL Ergonomic Total Grooming Kit:6,800 RUB.

Stainless Steel

Travellers will love the WAHL Quick Style Lithium high precision cordless trimmer with two interchangeable heads: the linear blade unit for beard, moustache, and sideburns, and the twist-off head for nose and ear hair removal.

Sharp blades of high quality stainless steel let you accurately and precisely shape hair on the face, neck, temples, and give the desired shape to your eyebrows.

After use, the replacement attachments can be easily washed under running water.

WAHL Quick Style Lithium

Compact and handy trimmer WAHL Quick Style Lithium is easy to take on trips.k. It weighs only 150g.

Price: 1 700 rub.

For fans of smooth shaving the brand introduced Moser Mobile shaver that easily removes stubble up to 2 mm. The battery lasts up to 45 minutes without recharging. The special coating on the body ensures a comfortable shaving and the charging indicator helps to know the time left. With its compact size and light weight of 88 g, this razor is the travel gadget of choice.

Moser Mobile Shaver

The set includes an additional mesh, cutting block, velvet pouch and metal box for shaver storage.

Price: 1 250 Dollars.

Moser presented a Moser Peacock trimmer device with a seven-position adjustable attachment designed specifically for trimming the beard, which provides a cutting length in the range of 2 to 24 mm especially for beards. Self-sharpening blades are made in Germany and guarantee a clean cut as well as washable in water.

Trimmer can operate both stand alone up to 50 minutes without recharging, and directly from the mains.

The set includes: mains adapter, brush for cleaning the working surface, oil and adjustable head with working positions 2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 17, 21 and 24 mm.

Price: 4 000 Dollars.

For ladies the brand presented Moser Ventus hair dryer with high power of 2200 Watt that will help to dry your hair in a few minutes before an important event. A separate button for cold air, two speeds and three temperature modes will make the procedure more comfortable whether it is an everyday or festive styling.

For grooming

Special Tourmaline&Ionic technology with negatively charged ions and soft infrared radiation helps to keep hair shiny and healthy, and provides antistatic effect.

Comes with two professional extensions standard and long hair with an additional pump of air Over Air System that prevents the “burning” of hair.

Price:5 500 Dollars.

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