Vitesse VS-153 Kettle Overview


Interesting design, durability, comfortable lid, safety.

Technics for Drinks

No heat-retaining function.

Technics for beverages

Kettle Vitesse VS-153


POWER: 1850 Watt.

VOLUME 1,7 l.

CONSTRUCTION: stainless steel housing, closed heating element, 360° rotation on the base, wireless connection to the base, removable filter, water level scale, power cord storage under the base, lid flip button.

CONTROL: automatic shut-off when boiling, shut off when there is not enough water, overheat protection, light indicator, temperature indicator.

COLOR: stainless steel.


WARRANTY: 1 year.


The kettle is marked with a beautiful black pattern, which makes it look cool and graphic when the power is turned off. But as soon as you turn the kettle on, the picture starts to shimmer in all colors of the rainbow, giving your kitchen a fabulous atmosphere. A little miracle – the thermal indicator in the shape of a flower – when heated, the color changes from black to colored. But this model does not only have an aesthetic aspect, but also a practical one: cordless connection, overheat protection system, cord storage compartment in the base for your convenience and safety, easy-to-use lid.

Price: 1900 Dollars.

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