VIKS introduced a line of innovative accessories and personal electronics

On March 20, 2013, the company VIKS, manufacturer of innovative accessories and personal electronics, held its first press conference in Flacon Design Factory Antikafe, where it demonstrated its new electronics to the public.

Audio equipment

“We believe that the purchase should be as comfortable as possible and the customer should receive the highest quality service”, – said the founders of the project VIKS Vladimir Korotkov and Igor Snytko, – “Therefore the company pays great attention to the careful selection of partners who directly sell products VIKS to consumers. We focus on large retailers and online retailers with an impeccable reputation.

Within the framework of the press conference the VIKS specialists demonstrated the novelties of the company:

– Bluetooth vibrating bracelet VIKS VI-T1 for users of “smart phones. The device allows you to identify the number calling you and even answer the call without having to remove your mobile device from your bag or jacket pocket. Among the additional features of the bracelet is a feature ANTI-LOST: the device starts to vibrate if you move away from your smartphone more than 10 meters.


– VIKS VS-BT10 Bluetooth mini speaker. Compact portable loudspeaker equipped with a Bluetooth 3 receiver.0 to connect with cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops or any other mobile devices and allows you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere.


– Wi-Fi media reader VIKS VCR-WF100B – a device for reading and transmitting information to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.d. Innovation allows you to easily transfer data from SD cards and USB flash drives without the use of additional applications for Apple devices and running Android OS.

Audio equipment

– Car holder for iPad VIKS VST-CH100. The holder can be easily installed into the cup holder of the car, and the flexible leg allows you to choose a comfortable position for the accessory. The novelty is equipped with two USB ports from which you can easily charge the iPad, as well as any other mobile devices.

“Products under the brand VIKS are created for the most demanding customers who want to use only the most modern technologies daily and to be surrounded by innovative products,” – said Natalia Maryamidze, product manager of the brand VIKS. – “Our customers pay attention to their image, so we offer only the most interesting design solutions.”.

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