ViewSonic Wireless Interactive Panel: new possibilities for personal devices

ViewSonic Corporation, the world’s leading provider of visual presentation solutions, launches its latest CDE20 4K wireless presentation panel with a slim bezel. The CDE20 integrates myViewBoard Display, ViewBoard Cast and myViewBoard Manager software with many features that open up new possibilities for content delivery, collaboration and management.


“The BYOD business concept continues to evolve. More and more companies are using interconnected devices, so they need high quality solutions that enable them to work in new environments and create digital workspaces that allow for effective collaboration,” said Natalia Astafieva, head of commercial displays at ViewSonic in America and the CIS. – Latest model is suitable for any presentation formats, participants can easily share content from their personal devices. If your team uses laptops, smartphones and tablets, this intuitive product is the best choice. In addition, presentation panels can be set up and content can be controlled remotely.

ViewSonic’s CDE20 family of products: powerful tools and dynamic content

Participants can share information quickly and collaborate more productively in a new and integrated solution, and administrators have more effective device management tools at their fingertips. CDE20 Series takes BYOD to the next level and transforms the digital workplace.

The new CDE20 Series are slim-frame displays that fit perfectly into a modern office environment. 4K resolution provides sharp images and a wide viewing angle. The displays are currently available in several sizes: 43″, 55″, 65″, 75″ i 86″. They integrate with most AV systems, including Crestron, Extron, and AMX, and enable quick setup and easy management of the system.

Media management software is integrated into CDE20 models. They can be equipped with embedded PC modules on an Intel Unite certified OPS compliant platform and serve as dynamic content storage. They support remote setup and content management systems and Wi-Fi module allows data to be wirelessly transmitted built-in OPS and Wi-Fi are only available on 65″/75″/86″ models .


myViewBoard Display: wireless presentation without USB keys

Flexible scheduling and telecommuting have become hallmarks of modern business. With myViewBoard Display, even first-time users can wirelessly share content from their device without the need for USB dongles or additional applications. All you need to broadcast your desktop through myViewBoard Display is a browser, display ID and a one-time password. Sharing content from your personal device has never been easier!

ViewBoard Cast: effective collaboration in a new way

ViewBoard Cast allows you to share and collaborate regardless of the format of the conference, whether it is a live stream or a split screen. ViewBoard Cast unlocks the BYOD concept, opens up new possibilities for collaboration and makes presentations, meetings and training sessions more interactive.

For example, a large conference room can be equipped with a central display for the speaker and large displays for individual groups of listeners. The presenter can synchronize the central display with others and share the same image with all participants. During group discussions, participants can stream content from their laptops or smartphones to large screens. You can also show images from multiple devices at the same time on a presentation panel.


myViewBoard Manager: Securely manage devices and content remotely

myViewBoard Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to remotely manage multiple displays in the same or different rooms. IT administrators can turn on, off, and restart ViewSonic devices, including the CDE20, and adjust their volume. They can now remotely control devices, and even display content or emergency messages, all through a single control panel. The new wireless presentation panels have an undeniable advantage over other models: they can be combined into groups, updated remotely, and software can be installed on multiple groups of devices simultaneously. Administrators can send messages or stream video to multiple displays. In case of an emergency, they can immediately display an emergency message.

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