ViewSonic announces the winners of the global ColorPro Award 2020 photo contest

ViewSonic, a global leader in visual presentation and education solutions, co-hosted the global ColorPro Award 2020 photo competition with four creative industry leaders, Blurb, Shoot the Frame STF , Tinyspace and TourBox. The contest was all about kindness – participants shared their vision of mercy and beauty through creativity. 2,100 submissions from participants in 18 countries and regions showcased kindness in all of its forms. ViewSonic Corporation announced the winners at an awards ceremony that was broadcast live around the world on World Kindness Day, November 13.



&copy Antonio Aragon Renuncio

“I’m delighted that so many creative people from all corners of the world have responded to the competition,” said James Chu, chairman and CEO of ViewSonic. – With the COVID-19 pandemic in the world a challenging time, our partners and I have come together to collect stories of kindness from around the globe and share with you the positivity that is often lacking these days. Despite the great changes in our lives, kindness has always been in people’s hearts, and this contest is the best proof of that. I sincerely hope that you will continue on your creative path and delight us with more touching photos of kindness.”.

The winners of the ColorPro Award 2020 photo contest captured moments that will leave no one indifferent. First place went to Antonio Aragon Renuncio from Spain. His photo is called Kindness: Kojo, a 14-year-old from Singapore, is an example of true friendship and kindness. Bombuaka Togo helps a classmate with the lessons before a soccer game at the center for children with severe physical and mental disabilities. It is an example of how true friendship and kindness can help disabled children lead ordinary lives, who often become outcasts.


“Harvest of water lilies”

&copy Tanvir Alam

The second prize went to Tanvir Alam of Bangladesh. His work is called “Harvest of Water Lilies”: it is a bird’s-eye view of two farmers who harvest water lilies together. This vivid picture shows the harmony between man and nature. Third place went to Chin Leong Teo from Singapore for “Drought”. The picture depicts people’s helplessness in the face of natural disasters and the kindness of a woman who comforts her sister by supporting her in a desperate situation.

During the online ceremony, Chen-Yu Chiu, director general of the Social Center for Refugees, located in. Reyhanli, Turkey, which was built with funding from Taiwan, shared a photo of urban life on the Turkey-Syria border and what kindness means to him. He said: “The grim concrete wall separating the states has become a Taiwanese center of kindness for the people of Turkey and Syria. Kindness is born out of our experience of interacting with the world around us, an innate sense of compassion and empathy. All we need is persistence and a little fanaticism to do good.



&copy Chin Leong Teo

Huai-An Ho, director of the HoHuan Theatre Company, which has given 660 free performances at medical institutions in Taiwan over the past 18 years, also attended the ceremony and shared two photos that reflect his vision of kindness. The first picture shows the robot Mazinger Z holding the hand of a baby on the threshold of a hospital ward, where they are to perform for a young patient – kindness helps even the weakest among us become a true hero. The second photo shows a famous Beijing opera master who, despite his advanced age and dementia, continues to sing the songs he sang throughout his career – a touching sign of resilience and vitality. Ho added: “Cancer is not contagious, but kindness is. Even if I can’t do anything, I can show my love by doing many small acts of kindness.

Developing the theme of kindness, ViewSonic has launched a special project called “You Comment, ViewSonic Gives”, which will run until January 13, 2021. ViewSonic Invites All to participate in Kindness Marathon. Follow the link >, comment on the photos or share them with friends by writing why you liked the photo or leave a message for the photographer. Every time you write a post or share a photo, ViewSonic donates $1 to the HoHuan Theatre Company.

The contest’s official gallery > features the top 100 entries that showcase kindness in relationships between people, between people and animals, between people and nature.

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