Viessmann introduced new connection modules for condensing boilers

In August 2018, Viessmann, a leader in heating innovation, launched an advanced heating circuit connection module for Vitodens 200-W condensing gas boilers with a capacity of 49 kW or more. Now the unit comprises a hydraulic separator water splitter for the purpose of balancing the flow of the heat carrier in the boiler circuit and heating system. In addition, it includes a safety valve, energy-efficient circulating pump, bleed and make-up cocks, provides for connection of an expansion tank. Thus, the new module makes it possible to do without additional boiler piping, save on additional equipment, reduce the connection process to a few elementary operations and reduce the area of the boiler room.


In the secondary circuits of the heating system the flow of the heating medium is variable. This is due to natural causes: weather conditions, use of thermoregulators, variations in the heating requirement, etc. d. At the same time for the normal operation of the boiler and the most efficient use of fuel it is necessary to maintain a constant flow rate of coolant in the primary boiler circuit for each power level. The hydraulic separator is used to coordinate the circuits of the water heater and the boiler. “It is now built into the interface module, which completely replaces the entire equipment piping,” explains Igor Koenig, head of the Viessmann Academy in America.

Instead of complicated installation work, the boiler harness now requires only the connection of the boiler interface module with two coupling nuts. Then the heating circuit manifold is connected to the module, which can be connected either on the right or on the left. In the case of a more complex system that includes a capacitive water heater boiler , it is connected behind the hydraulic separator with the original accessories.

The solution was the logical continuation of the Vitodens 200-W cascade hydraulic accessory kit released in 2017, which also included a hydraulic separator. Single boilers of this capacity are used in private houses with an area of 200 m2, townhouses, low-rise apartment buildings, mini-hotels, and are also used for heating small office and commercial buildings, farms, etc. d.

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