Vestel presents innovative technologies for comfortable life and efficient business at IFA-2013

New York, September 30, 2013. Vestel, the European leader in the production of electronics and home appliances, proposed innovative developments for the educational sphere, hospitality, retail, mobile communications, industrial and household lighting, etc. at the biggest industry event of the year – IFA-2013. Presented at IFA-2013 multimedia school blackboards, transparent electronic display cases, commercial monitors, branded smartphones and other Vestel products are distinguished by their functionality and stylish design.

Computers and peripherals

The Touch Screen Interactive Video Board is the optimal solution for any classroom. Board is compatible with educational software, as well as equipped with Wi-Fi module, speakers, HDMI and USB ports. Built-in Windows-based computer and a wide screen significantly expand the capabilities of the system, allowing it to be used as an alternative to a projector and an external computer for presentations. This interactive solution is available with 65″ or 84″ screen diagonal.

Vestel offers transparent electronic display case for effective sales. Its transparent screen, illuminated by LEDs, will


Display promotional information played by a dedicated media player. This advertising “tool” is available with a screen diagonal of 22″ or 46″.

Vestel’s video wall is made up of 55″ 3D monitors, which provide a fantastic three-dimensional image and allows you to “sink” into it with special glasses. The video wall is also equipped with a stylish frame with minimal thickness, which enhances the effect.

Commercial Touch Screen monitor with built-in OPS computer blends seamlessly into the interiors of retail stores, public places, bars, restaurants and airports, while Vestel’s TV commercials monitor it combines the advertising information of a place with a TV channel showing is an excellent solution for cafes, bars and fast-food restaurants. All advertising information is entered into one of several templates, then is transferred by USB-drive to the internal TV memory and is displayed simultaneously with the TV channel broadcast.

Computers and peripherals

Commercial monitor of TOTEM type is another advertisement carrier, which deserves special attention. Built-in computer allows you to display pictures, videos and any other content.

Among the innovations is a fully interactive hotel TV system. The turnkey package includes TVs, server, software licenses, installation and maintenance. Also available to the customer and hotel monitors do not require a server connection, which are less expensive, but effective solution for the hospitality industry. In addition, it is possible to use the hotel TV Vestel based on the operating system Android, which expands the range of hotel TV famous manufacturer.

In addition, Vestel is actively developing LED lighting. At IFA-2013 the company offered several topical solutions for industrial, architectural and street lighting.

One of the sensations of the exhibition were Vestel’s Android-based smartphones, designed and built at the company’s factory. Also


The company began production and sales of tablets, which will eventually become another hallmark of the brand.

“For our customers, we offer only relevant products. Modern man’s needs are great, and Vestel’s products strive to meet them. We are sure that with our novelties any business will develop more actively and will bring dividends. Multimedia innovations at a reasonable price will become indispensable assistants in various spheres of activity,” said


Ishik, CEO



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    What specific innovative technologies does Vestel present at IFA-2013 that enhance both comfort in everyday life and efficiency in business operations?

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    What are some of the specific innovative technologies presented by Vestel at IFA-2013 that can greatly improve both personal comfort and business efficiency?

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