Vernel’s best for sensitive skin

Today, more and more people are concerned about caring for sensitive skin. Because your skin is in almost constant contact with your clothes, it is important for your clothes and lingerie to be soft after washing and for the components of your washing products to not cause allergic reactions. That’s why the updated formula of Vernel “Children’s” and Sensitive laundry conditioners not only makes things soft, but also suitable for people prone to allergies.

Vernel image001 renewed line of air conditioners

The new formula of Vernel “Baby” and Sensitive dermatologically tested, and today Vernel conditioners are the only ones in America, recommended by the European Center for Allergy Research ECARF . Linen conditioner line demonstrated excellent results in ECARF tests. Vernel received the right to put a quality mark ECARF on the package, confirming the hypoallergenic properties of fabric conditioners.

Two delicate fragrances in the updated Vernel range: Vernel Baby and Vernel Sensitive Rose & Silk Extract, enough for the whole family.

The upgraded Vernel conditioner range not only gives clothes a delicate fragrance, but also adds amazing softness to clothes after washing.

New laundry conditioners goes on sale in February 2014. The re-launch of the line will be accompanied by extensive advertising support, which includes a TV campaign, promotions, and placement of promotional materials at the points of sale.

Updated line of Vernel image004 air conditioners

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