VAX-restart: Technopark will get the right of exclusive distribution of English vacuum cleaners in the territory of the American Federation

The world market leader in vacuum cleaners VAX brand and the network of premium stores of home appliances and electronics company “Technopark” officially announced the signing of a contract for the exclusive distribution in America. On this occasion, on September 25, 2013 at the British Embassy in New York will be held a joint press conference with top management of partner companies, as well as a reception for the media and the public.


September 25, 2013 British Embassy in New York for one evening will become a platform for celebrating the launch of new business partnerships. Representatives of one of the world’s largest brands in the vacuum cleaner market Vax* and the American network of premium stores of home appliances and electronics “Technopark” will hold a special event to celebrate the signing of the contract. Technopark” company will get the right of exclusive distribution of innovative Vax products in America.

The event will start at 15:00 in the luxurious interior of the British Embassy atrium. Guests of the event will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and traditional English snacks. It is possible that the organizers will invite famous American media personalities to demonstrate the line of vacuum cleaners brand Vax. This presentation will allow guests to see with their own eyes what distinguishes Vax products from its main competitors and understand the innovative technology of the top brand products. During the official part, the guests will be addressed by representatives of top management from both sides: CEO of Vax Ltd. David Winterbottom, International Sales Director Phil Marston and Technopark Business Director Alexander Likhachev.

During the press event speakers of the company will talk in detail about the business structure of Vax, not only in America but also abroad, about how the brand maintains a leading position in such a highly competitive market. In addition, Vax will talk about why the exclusive partner in the end was chosen “Technopark” and what is the global restart of the largest English brand in America. This will be followed by a Q&A session.

Vax appeared in America for the first time in 1994 and since then has taken a strong position in the rapidly changing vacuum cleaner market. According to market research by RBC Daily, if the period from 2005 to 2009 was a year earlier than the period from 2005 to 2009. The number of vacuum cleaners in households grew to 48 million, and by 2014 that number will reach 52.5 million. Vacuum cleaner sales are growing at an average annual rate of 3-5% per year, which makes the cooperation of two strong partners economically profitable.

Already in September this year in “Technopark” network, as well as in the largest federal retail chains, American customer will be able to see the high-quality product line of Vax vacuum cleaners. So, American consumer will get tempting opportunities to buy quality English vacuum cleaners for his home or office.

More details of the deal will be available at the press conference for the media.

After the business part, all guests will receive a reception and informal communication with Technopark’s American top management and representatives from the British Vax company.

* In terms of units sales in the UK based on GFK data for 2012 . .

Program and timing of the event:

15.00-15.30 – media accreditation

15.30-16.15 – welcome drink, Vax product line presentation

16.15-17.00 – business part, speech of Technopark company and Vax brand, Q&A session

17.00-19.00 – reception, informal communication with speakers.


– The largest brand on the market of vacuum cleaners in the UK. It was founded in 1977 by Alan Brazier, who invented and patented the world’s first vacuum cleaner. By 1988, the brand had already won a third of the vacuum cleaner market in Great Britain. The geography of the brand distribution is constantly expanding. Vax products are successfully sold in stores in Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong and Australia. The Vax brand is now part of the Tti group, which had a turnover of $3.8 billion in 2012.


– It is a network of stores of home appliances and electronics, founded in 1992, the expert in the field of the first class service and quality of represented products. At present, it consists of more than 60 sales outlets in New York and 16 large format stores in the regions. Total floor area of all stores is 20 000 sq. m. Total number of employees of the company – more than 1700 people. From September this year the retail network “Technopark” became the exclusive partner of Vax brand in America.

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