Vacuum cleaners: own or stranger?

Everyone wants to know this – because to give your hard-earned money for a “pig in a poke,” at least, wrong. Dynamically developing in the American market Supra knows a lot about vacuum cleaners: it is one of the most important areas of production. His views on the problem of choice of such a necessary in every home appliance with us shared by Alexander Povoroznyuk, Head of Department of Home Appliances Supra.


– What are the requirements of our non-sterile age for a Good vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner Supra VCS-1870

– As you know, every housewife regularly faces two problems: where does the dust come from, and where does the money go?. So, choosing a good and inexpensive vacuum cleaner is always relevant, but now – especially. Vacuum cleaner must:

a suction the dust with the proper force have a sufficiently large suction power

The more common vacuum cleaners are the so-called classic vacuum cleaners, which are designed to filter dust and debris without throwing them back into the room that is, providing a good quality of filtration

c Give the owner the ability to get rid of the collected debris as easily as possible, with a minimum of cost and hassle.

No more, but not less. And be, of course, comfortable enough. Even to the appearance of vacuum cleaner does not make any special requirements – it is usually hidden in a closet or other dark place, and is removed to the light only during cleaning, and therefore should not be an interior decoration, in principle.

That’s why sales of vacuum cleaners worth as much as a used car are based solely on brazen dealers and an overly trusting consumer. To be good, the vacuum cleaner does not have to be expensive.

– In order not to be a blind play in the hands of sellers and marketers, let’s analyze what vacuum cleaners are and what is worth paying attention to when choosing one.

Vacuum cleaner Supra VCS-1890

– The most common are the so-called classic vacuum cleaners, with

A dust bag, such as Supra VCS-1890 or Supra VCS-1870.

Bags come in disposable, made of paper, and reusable, made of fabric. Positive sides of such vacuum cleaners are known to all: their relatively small size and price, along with a pretty decent set of functions.

For example, a vacuum cleaner Supra VCS-1870 pleases you with a convenient telescopic tube, long enough for cleaning most of our apartments five-meter cord, a capacious three-liter bag for dust and, very importantly, a reduced noise level.

The disadvantages of this type of vacuum cleaner are few, but they are significant. The first is the low cleaning and filtration quality – small dust particles are blown back into the room with the exhaust air. The second is that sharp objects or aggressive liquids can damage the bag and all debris will be blown into the compressor and dust will be dispersed around the room in a powerful jet of air.

Moreover, you need to buy disposable bags again and again. Not only does it cost time and money, but dust collectors for older models can be hard to find. And shaking out the reusable ones, you will inevitably get dust in your lungs.

– But there is already an alternative to this kind of vacuum cleaners..

Supra VCS-2010 vacuum cleaner

– Not so long ago cyclonic type vacuum cleaners were brought to market with

HEPA filter model Supra VCS-2010 or Supra VCS-1615 . There can be two or even three such filters in a vacuum cleaner. The degree of air purification here is significantly higher, but the suction power is not always sufficient, because it depends not only on the power of the vacuum cleaner compressor, but also on the material from which the filters are made on the degree of their resistance to the air flow .

The above Supra models are armed with sufficiently powerful compressors. In Supra VCS-2010 and Supra VCS-1615 power “motor” and suction power are 2000/380 W and 1600/340 W respectively.

This construction eliminates the need for frequent purchase of exchangeable materials bags , and HEPA filters are washable.

Accurately handled, they can last from a year to a year and a half. But finding the right filter is still a challenge. And again, shaking out the dust collected in the container, you inevitably this dust you breathe.

– Is there an ideal solution for cleaning your home of dust?

Vacuum cleaner Supra VCS-1615

– Vacuum cleaners with water filter provide the best filtration quality: they collect and trap up to 99.9% of dust. This filter is a container with water in it through which the air sucked by the vacuum cleaner passes.

The special shape and design of the filter forms a vortex flow in it, and all dust particles from the air fall into the water and settle at the bottom of the container. Here the thickness of the water layer, which depends on the amount of water in the filter, plays a decisive role.

Depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner, it can be from 1.5 to 3.5-4 liters. Drawbacks of vacuum cleaners with water filtration follow from their undoubted advantages.

Vacuum cleaner with water is quite heavy and not the smallest: in fact the water filter should not be too small, otherwise its efficiency will decrease dramatically. Filter chamber has to be dried after vacuuming to prevent water “blooming” in it.

And yet, to forget about all the shortcomings, it’s enough to try such a vacuum cleaner at home once.

The first thing you immediately notice is that the seemingly inevitable smell of dust has completely disappeared with the vacuum cleaner!

Secondly it is the real satisfaction of cleaning – when you empty the water out of the filter, you are sure to get rid of all the dust and dirt in your home.

It’s hard to believe! And that, I might remind you, is the result of dry vacuuming!

– The only conclusion you can draw is that if you have allergies or asthma sufferers, then a modern eco-friendly vacuum cleaner with water filtration is the only way to keep your house clean.

Supra VCS-2015 vacuum cleaner

– Yes, of course. In this respect, this is an example of a well-designed model made of modern materials

vacuum cleaner with a water filter can be vacuum cleaner Supra VCS-2015. The large, transparent filter chamber allows you to see the amount and purity of water in the filter and provides an extremely high – 99.99…% cleaning quality.

Solid sizes, dictated by a large volume of effective filter, significantly overshadowed by vertical “parking. Supra vacuum cleaner is equipped with “smart” protection against overheating and filter clogging – it will always at the right time will turn off the motor and prevent it from burning out.

The owner will be informed by a special indicator that there is a lot of dirt in the container and it is time to change the water. Sturdy hose vacuum cleaner can stretch up to five meters! That takes the dirt out of all those hard-to-reach corners and places without hauling your Rainbow everywhere. Available and more compact modification hose and a half – it can be stretched up to two and a half meters – the choice is up to the buyer. The unit has a convenient “grip” handle to carry it around.

And – last but not least! – Supra vacuum cleaner is very easy to assemble for work and dismantle for filter cleaning: no need to get into narrow slots, the design does not have vulnerable and capricious latches. One move and the vacuum cleaner is ready to use.

Some vacuum cleaners use a combined filtration with water and HEPA filters. Accordingly, the advantages and disadvantages of both types add up.

Vacuum cleaners wet the surface with water and cleaning fluids, and immediately collect this water, along with dust and dirt. These vacuum cleaners are expensive and cumbersome, cleaning with them takes a long time, so they are good for general cleaning once a month. Need to be careful – detergents can ruin carpets and furniture and cause allergic reactions in people and animals.

– Now for the details: What do you need to look for in a store??

How important and need a good vacuum cleaner in the house, you begin to understand only after becoming the owner of a vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner is already in the store! You wouldn’t want anyone else to have it?

– The vacuum tube is made of two plastic or metal parts. They have to be assembled and then disassembled after cleaning. A more “advanced” version – telescopic: one tube extends from the other this is the design used in leading Supra models .

This variant allows adjusting to a person’s height and takes less space for storage. It is not necessary to chase a lot of brushes. If all the corners in the apartment are straight – and you have a different way? – Then two brushes are enough: one wide for the floor, one narrow for slots – this is a standard set. Turbo brushes can be useful for owners of long-haired animals, but they are usually difficult to clean, and if they are not cleaned, they quickly break down and turn into ordinary brushes.

– The hose also plays an important role when using a vacuum cleaner..

– Cheap rigid plastic hoses crack over time. Higher-priced hoses are reinforced with a metal or plastic cord – a rigid spiral. Long “live” multilayer hoses made of high quality polymers, reinforced with a cord.

They can withstand considerable loads and are able to stretch a lot without damage. But also such “long-livers” cost more. True, it does not always make sense to chase the most expensive and good vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes you buy a vacuum cleaner for “one repair” and then you throw it away with cement and debris. For this will suffice a simple model to cost up to a thousand Dollars.

– What else should be considered when choosing a vacuum cleaner?

– The suction power does not depend directly on the electric motor power of the vacuum cleaner, it depends on the design and the talent of the developers.

When choosing one thing is important for you: starting with the maximum motor power consumption of 1400 W such indicators can boast almost all representatives of the lineup of vacuum cleaners Supra the suction power will be guaranteed to be sufficient.

The suction power control located on the handle, but not on the body of the vacuum cleaner increases the convenience of using a vacuum cleaner, but reduces its reliability.

The bigger wheels of the vacuum cleaner, the easier it will be to roll it while cleaning. Wheels made of soft plastic are more vulnerable than hard, rubber “tires.

In good products do not use recycled materials – this will not please the “green”, but has a positive effect on the longevity of your vacuum cleaner.

That’s probably all you need to know about vacuum cleaners to choose the right one.

All the rest – at the level of personal preferences. Take the model you like in your hand. “Run” through the controls. Convenient? Recall our tips and recommendations. Everything agrees? You can have it!

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