Upgrade with Dremel Tools

Spring is a time when nature comes alive and renews itself. Your home and garden need a new lease of life, but sunshine alone is not enough. Help bring spring into your home with Dremel rotary tools and expert advice.


Mini hole saw Dremel DSM20

Step 1. Resurgence

With the different Dremel tool accessories even hobbyists can effortlessly transform their garden at the start of the season. After a winter’s downtime, furniture in the suburban home can lose its appeal: time and weather can cause the paint on metal furniture to crack and bare spots to rust.

Don’t hurry to get rid of your unsightly furniture – it will still be a joy to look at. All you need is your will and a Dremel rotary tool to restore metal furniture to its former glory. Remove rust easily with the No. 428 carbon steel brush, and the electro-corundum sanding nozzle, No. 952, will remove the corrosion marks permanently. If any sharp nicks are left on the metal parts, they can be deburred with a #425 corundum polishing blade. Now your furniture is ready for the primer and paint. The budget did not suffer, the interior came alive, and you gained the reputation of the Masters of Golden Hands overnight.

Step 2. Refinishing

For those who like to make a difference, the Dremel DSM20 Mini Saw is the answer.

With this compact saw with excellent line-of-saw visibility, you can turn an old tray into a genuine coffee table. To do this, you need to saw the pallet into two parts, to the center of the support beam it will serve as a guide . Reposition the removed boards and remove old nails with the Multi-Max tool. To leave room for plants in the center of the table, the three center boards must be cut with a plunge milling cutter. The future legs of the table can be made from a sawn support beam. Screw them on with self-tapping screws. It is not only the result that is satisfying, but also the time it takes to get it. The Dremel DSM20 Miniature Saw’s powerful motor and wide range of cutting wheels make your work enjoyable and easy. Not only can the Dremel DSM20 work on wood, but also metal, plastic, ceramic and tile.

Chipping Hammer

The Dremel 4200 Multitool

A beautifully crafted wooden and metal bookshelf might also be the highlight of your garden. To make these, you’ll need the powerful Dremel 4200, the multitool with the built-in EZ Change quick-change feature.

For the shelf, you need a 200 x 20 x 2 cm wooden board and a 20 x 35 cm sheet of metal, 1 mm thick. Cut the wood along the pre-drawn outline using the Dremel DSM20 compact saw and the DSM500 Multi-Purpose carbide cutting wheel. Take the DSM510 Metal Cut-Off Wheel to cut the right piece out of metal sheet. Then use the Dremel 4200 to drill clean holes in the wood, stack the ten diamond-shaped pieces of wood on top of each other and glue them together. To do this you can use the Dremel high temperature glue gun 910 with the drip tip. Because of its compact size and excellent ergonomics T-handle, stable base, extendable stand , it’s an ideal tool for uncomplicated home projects.

The final “wooden stage” is the assembly of the remaining parts of the shelf, with the exception of the two upper elements of the bracket. Fix the individual elements with glue and dowels. Once the glue has dried, paint the shelf with white acrylic paint.

Paint the metal decorative parts of the product with black paint, screw the corner brackets to the outer upper edges of the shelf. Attach the shelf to the wall and glue the two top bracket pieces to the corner brackets. Fix the black metal parts to the front of the shelf with double-sided adhesive tape and enjoy reading to the birdsong in the springtime.

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