Upgrade and maiden name. The new Windows Phone will be Windows Mobile again, officially.

Microsoft has officially announced in his corporate blog the names of new versions of Windows 10, which are expected to appear this summer. Amazing thing: this new Windows 10, the mobile version of Windows Phone just turns into Windows 10 Mobile. Again.

Among the various versions of Windows 10, already officially presented in the Microsoft blog, we were able to count at least seven different editions of the new operating system:

  • Windows 10 Home: Custom version for desktops, laptops, large tablets and 2-in-1 devices
  • Windows 10 Mobile: version for smartphones and small tablets with touch, optimized for the new mobile MS Office
  • Windows 10 Pro: Professional edition for desktop and mobile
  • Windows 10 Enterprise: a corporate version for medium to large companies
  • Windows 10 Education: A stripped-down version of Windows 10 Enterprise for students, teachers and school staff
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: a version for enterprise smartphone and tablet users with enhanced security and multi-user licensing
  • Windows 10 IoT Core: version for robots, remote sensors, terminals and other Internet of Things IoT devices

Windows 10 Mobile

As you can see, there will be two mobile versions of Microsoft Windows: one for business and one for all other mobile device users. What’s perhaps most interesting about the new names is that starting in September 2014, Microsoft began abandoning the promotion of the previously popular Windows Phone brand, and now we’ve seen exactly what kind of replacement is in store for it. Recall that Microsoft has been using the Windows Mobile name for over a decade, starting with Windows Mobile 2003, then as Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile until it switched to the latest version of Windows Phone 7.

One of the most interesting and promising features of the new Windows 10 Mobile today is called Continuum for Phones technology, which will allow the owner of a smartphone or a small tablet running this version of the OS to connect to external big screens, like monitors, TVs and Smart TVs, and use your device as a full Windows computer.

We also remind our readers that, according to an official statement from Microsoft representatives in early 2015, the Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Pro versions will be offered as free upgrades for device users with Windows 7, Windows 8 licenses.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Within a year of the announcement of the new operating systems.

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