Update to firmware version 1.1 for LUMIX DMC-GX80 to add the new Focus Stacking function

Panasonic introduces the new firmware version 1.1 for the LUMIX DMC-GX80 MirrorLess Digital Camera, which adds new functionality to the body by adding the new Focus Stacking function.

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Firmware update version 1.1 forLUMIXDMC-GX80 to add the new Focus Stacking function

Focus Stacking builds on 4K Photo and Post-Focus technologies and allows you to adjust the focus in the frame after shooting by combining multiple images. You can achieve precisely the depth of field you want, or pan-focus by simply selecting multiple focus areas after shooting. This is very useful for macro photography of insects, small objects, and so on.

A new sharpening and aperture bracketing are added to the classic functions of exposure bracketing and white balance. Sharpness bracketing captures up to 999 photos with different focus points, while aperture bracketing lets you shoot multiple photos with different depths of field. Choose the mode that suits your scene and conditions, and after shooting, choose the best photo.

In addition, when using the built-in flash, you can now choose to turn it off compulsorily.

Download firmware version 1.1 for the LUMIX DMC-GX80 can be found at: /data/away/cdcd7f13aeca3b9f0c7dbc603acdce88/

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