Unusual Recipes

Tea recipes come to us from different countries, from ancient times, from the treasuries of nature, they can be used to study the mentality and traditions of different peoples … Maybe today we will be able to find just your “rare bouquet” of tea, distract from everyday life and even … travel?

Beverage Technique

I’ll mix it up for you, my friend

Into the rarest bouquet

Five different teas

From recipes from earlier years.

With a steep, bubbling boil

This mixture is poured for you,

To mix the past with the present

Didn’t drain even now.

Let it steep for a while,

Let me gently strain

And a silver spoon

Next to a cup I’ll put..

Bulat Okudzhava

Rules for a good brew


Only purified water is good for a good tea.

Check out!

Not all tea is infused with steep boiling water, for example, green tea “opens” better at the temperature of 70-80 C. But for black tea, it is better to use water that boils like a “white key”, which means that it is not boiling vigorously, but only boiling, when little bubbles rise from the bottom and the water seems to turn cloudy.


The kettle must not only be spotlessly clean, but also warm – rinse it with hot water and wipe it dry before pouring the brew.


Unless the recipe says otherwise, you’re supposed to put 1 teaspoon with a heaping heap of tea in a cup of tea! brew or 30-35 grams of tea per liter of boiling water.

Take your time!

Cover the teapot with a special cap or wrap it in a towel and wait 4-5 minutes.

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