Unlimited possibilities: MMD will showcase an exceptional selection of Philips monitors at IFA 2019

Visitors to the Philips booth at IFA 2019 Berlin, September 6-11, 2019 will not be disappointed. Philips’ wide selection of monitors in different sizes and with many useful features will suit home users and professionals alike in any field. Whether you want to enjoy better visuals, expand connectivity or give yourself more creative freedom, play games at maxed-out graphics settings, or be productive in an environmentally friendly way, there is a solution in the new Philips range of monitors.


Total immersion: a curved screen gives you a new experience

Philips curved monitors take the viewing experience to a whole new level and provide a more personal, immersive experience at work and at play. The curved screen mimics the natural curve of the eye, minimizing distortion and creating a light, immersive effect so the user feels drawn in. Some models offer a 1500R or 1800R bend radius, expanding the field of view and covering the peripheral vision area for optimum eye comfort. The 32:10 aspect ratio used on the 43.4″ monitor is wide enough to replace several smaller displays. This makes it ideal for the financial, banking and other B2B sectors.

Haptic Solutions: Technologies You Can Touch

Touchscreens have become a trend for 2019. All Philips SmoothTouch monitors on display at IFA feature an innovative projection-capacitive P-Cap touch screen with support for up to 10 touch points for maximum user experience. These versatile monitors are ideal for retail outlets, information centers, hospitality and education. They are packed with features for extra convenience and flexibility. Advanced IP54 protection means water and dust are virtually non-threatening, and multiple connectivity options and smooth, easy-to-adjust angle ensure greater comfort and ease of use.


Professional strength: new ways to increase your productivity

Philips monitors offer everything a professional needs to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. This year’s models feature advanced connectivity, such as USB 3.1, USB-C docking station, USB-A docking station with DisplayLink and DC output features to enhance security such as switchable privacy technology and the Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam enhanced sustainability features such as recyclable packaging material, PowerSensor, LightSensor and Zero Power Switch and finally, features to make every day more enjoyable, such as 4K UHD resolution, Ultra-wide color technology, LowBlue and EasyRead modes and more.

Next-level gaming: the experience you’ve always wanted

Philips monitors offer users an unforgettable gaming experience. The models presented at IFA are packed with advanced features to ensure smooth, fast, high-performance gaming and stunning graphics, as well as improved comfort and vision protection. Making every minute spent playing the game more enjoyable. In addition, a fruitful partnership with renowned British audio experts Bowers&Wilkins has led to the 55-inch model featuring exclusive Bowers&Wilkins high-performance speakers with three separate gaming sound modes to offer users a unique sound experience that goes beyond the familiar.


Specifications for key Philips monitors at IFA:

272B1G, 241B1V, 279C9 and 272B7QUBHEB – monitors designed for professionals. They come with a wide range of features to ensure maximum performance. The 27-inch 272B1G is particularly environmentally friendly: the monitor is made of 85% recycled plastic, is TCO Edge certified, contains no mercury, halogens, flame retardants or PVC and offers users the lowest power consumption thanks to energy-saving technologies such as PowerSensor, LightSensor and Zero Power Switch. In addition to connectivity options like USB, VGA, DVI, DP, HDMI, the 23.8″ 241B1V offers effective privacy protection, making it an ideal choice for government, banking and military users. The slim and sleek 27-inch 279C9 gets rid of frames and offers borderless 4K UHD resolution combined with IPS and Ultra-Wide color technology for bright images. 27-inch 272B7QUBHEB full of convenient features like a secure Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam and QHD resolution. The monitor also offers users a wide range of connectivity options, including USB-C and USB-A DisplayLink standards, as well as DP and DC outputs

The 346P1, 439P9H, 345B1C, 272E1CA and 328E1CA are curved monitors that offer an enhanced immersive viewing experience thanks to their shape. The 34-inch 346P1 features such features as a three-sided, frameless design, a USB-C docking station, laptop charging capability and an optional Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam. The 439P9H monitor features a wide 43.4-inch bezel-less display, USB-C docking station, Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam and more. The 345B1C features a USB-C docking station and RJ45 port, a Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam, HDR support, and power-saving PowerSensor and LightSensor sensors. The 27-inch 272E1CA and 31.5-inch 328E1CA are immersive, featuring a 75Hz refresh rate display with Freesync technology and a 60Hz display with Adaptive Sync technology, respectively.

162B9T, 172B9T, 222B9T and 242B9T touch models available in a wide variety of formats 15.6, 17, 21.5 and 23.8 inch , each with up to 10-touch, IP54-rated enhanced water and dust protection, foldable ergonomic stand and VGA, DVI, HDMI1 connectors.4, DP 1.2, USB 3.1.

558M1RY and 328M1R are models designed specifically for console gamers, and equipped with a host of features that make gaming simply stunning. Key features: frameless design, 4K resolution with 120 Hz refresh rate, HDR1000 in the 558M1RY 54.6″ or HDR600 in the 328M1R 31.5″ , Adaptive Sync/Freesync technology, Low Input Lag technology, innovative four-way Ambiglow backlighting, high performance Bowers & Wilkins speakers 558M1RY and more.


Price and availability





First quarter of 2020



First Quarter 2020



First quarter of 2020



Now on sale

38 319 ₽


First quarter of 2020



November 2019

69 039 ₽


November 2019

40 629 ₽


On sale now

14 519 ₽


On sale now

33 719 ₽


November 2019

18 359 ₽


September 2019

22 959 ₽


Already on sale

21 429 ₽


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25 269 ₽


First quarter of 2020



First quarter of 2020


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