Unique Miele innovation: the advantages of a steamer and a microwave oven in one appliance

The combination of hob and oven is our first choice when it comes to kitchen equipment. But with the second device, things are much more complicated, as there are several possibilities: the leader for now belongs to microwave ovens, but in recent years, steamers are becoming more and more popular. However, given the limited space of modern kitchens, the choice often comes down to an “either/or” decision – in favor of just one of them. Miele’s new built-in appliance is designed to solve this dilemma: the new DGM 6800 combines both a steam cooker and a microwave in one.


Miele’s unique new product: the benefits of a steamer and microwave in one appliance

Nine out of ten Miele customers would like to have a second appliance in their kitchen, but often have to choose between a steam cooker and a microwave.

“Our DGM 6800 is the ideal solution that combines the convenience of a microwave oven with the quality of a Mielele steam cooker,

– notes Axel Kniel, executive director of marketing and sales at the Miele Group. Dr. Kniel is convinced that the new product has great potential because it combines the best of both devices without compromising the renowned Miele quality.

The DGM 6800 uses the same MultiSteam technology found in many Miele steamers: it has a powerful external steam generator 3.3 kW behind the cooking cabinet. Steam is delivered through 8 holes, which significantly reduces heating time, provides fast and even distribution of steam and allows you to get excellent results when cooking. At the same time, the user can select one of the seven power levels maximum 1000 watts . Additional functions include “Quick Start” for example, for heating up cocoa at the touch of a button and an automatic “Popcorn” program making a batch of popcorn at the touch of a button .

As steam and microwave radiation are very different in their action, Miele faced severe technical constraints when developing this innovation. For example, the appliance door must be designed so as to prevent microwaves from escaping, but also to ensure that the steam is retained for a long time. Moreover, the cooking chambers in Miele steamers and ovens are traditionally made of stainless steel, which ensures a 20-year lifespan, even with regular exposure to steam. There is, however, the problem of using metal in microwave ovens, because it can provoke fires and sparks. Miele solved this problem by using silicone joints that safely insulate the walls of the stainless steel oven cavity. Also, the cooking cabinet has been enlarged to 40 lit with long-lasting LEDs. Comes with large cooking containers and glass tray.


Considering the various possible uses, the DGM 6800 offers the same comprehensive range of functions as the flagship model of the Generation 6000: Over 150 automatic programs, easy to select using MTouch technology, a TFT touchscreen display with easy-to-navigate and search functions. Users can put together and save up to 20 different programs of their own. Creating your own programs on the DGM 6800 provides additional benefits, because the combination of the two appliances allows you to combine the speed of microwave cooking with exceptional, unmatched steam quality. This makes it possible to defrost and cook a meal in a single program. To defrost and heat, for example, a chilled stew or soup, you need to consecutively save four cooking steps in a single program in which the microwave radiation alternates with exposure to steam. And even with simple food heating, the combination of microwave and steam ensures a positive effect as the steam prevents the food from drying out. The DGM 6800 instruction manual provides some useful examples of the combination of steam and microwave in the cooking process.

The new Miele microwave steam cooker is suitable for installation in a 45cm high niche. It comes in the PureLine design and is available in four colors: Clean Steel stainless steel, Obsidian Black obsidian, Brilliant White diamond white and Havana Brown Havana.

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