Understanding decent gestures: Samsung unveils Smart Control touchscreen remote control at CES 2014

Las Vegas, Jan. 3, 2014. – Samsung Electronics will unveil an updated version of the remote control for Smart TV at CES 2014 in Las Vegas – Samsung Smart Control 2014. The new solution features an improved design and better management features, as well as faster operation and additional content selection options.

The 2014 Samsung Smart Control remote combines gesture recognition with a new push-button console and touchpad that give users easy and fast access to content, particularly streaming video from the Internet.

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It’s also much easier to switch between Movie/Drama/Applications menus on Smart TV using gestures. Users can quickly select and access the content they want thanks to four control buttons. When connected to Samsung Smart Hub or selecting content from a list of multiple pages, you can flip through them with the touchpad as easily as a book page. Smart Control 2014 supports “Voice Control” feature. You can quickly and conveniently find the desired content by saying its name in your native language.

Samsung changed the shape of the remote from a flat, rectangular remote control to an oval, smooth pebble-like design that allows it to fit more comfortably in the hand. The round touchpad with four buttons is centrally located on the remote, so it’s always under your thumb. New ergonomic design minimizes hand movements, taking full advantage of gesture and voice control. The touchpad deserves a special mention – it’s 80 percent smaller than the 2013 version, and provides easier access to the most commonly used control functions.

Smart Control 2014 has convenient buttons for Multi-Link Screen, which allows you to view content from multiple sources on one screen, as well as Soccer Mode, designed specifically for soccer fans. You can watch the games with just one button. In addition, the new remote control has an improved virtual keyboard.

The remote has been continually improved since the first wired model was released in the 1950s. It’s been replaced by wireless LCD and QWERTY devices, and today, the remote control offers easy touch-pad control of your TV. The design has also undergone many changes, going from a classic rectangular shape to an ergonomic curved.

“The number of the newest features in today’s TVs is growing every day, so remote controls have to keep up with these changes,” said KwangKi Park, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display division. – We will continue to work on creating innovative devices that allow tech owners to easily control their TVs and content.”.

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