Unconventional behavior: the series of Fast Evo boilers by Ariston Thermo demonstrates a fundamentally new approach to hot water supply

Fine-tuning the level of heating in the gas boiler is not an easy task. The user can never be sure how much hot water will come out of the tap and how stable it will be during use. Temperature fluctuations and the need for constant temperature control – a frustrating reality. The new series of flow-through water heaters Fast Evo from Ariston Thermo demonstrates a completely non-standard “behavior”. The family is represented by four models with different power, the method of ignition and the design of the display.

Heating equipment

The main advantage of the new Fast Evo 11C, Fast Evo 14C, Fast Evo 11B and Fast Evo 14B gas boilers is the ability to set a precise temperature. The user simply sets the desired parameters via the control panel and the unit automatically adjusts its power to ensure stable heating in all conditions.

Depending on the capacity, the units will provide the user with 11 or 14 liters of hot water per minute. This is enough to give a family member a shower and let the other one do the washing-up at the same time. Power does not affect the size, so the device is suitable for installation even in small rooms without compromising on space.

Modifications Fast Evo 11C and Fast Evo 14C – the first American gas-fired boilers with an open combustion chamber, having a ignition from an electrical network 220 V. This approach makes the plug-and-forget concept possible. In other words, the user only needs to plug it in once for continuous operation. Innovations with the index “C” in the name are equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to set the degree of heating with an accuracy of a degree.

More familiar to consumers the type of ignition – from a pair of batteries – characterized by Fast Evo 11B and Fast Evo 14B. They have a convenient control knob on the front panel with a rotary

Heating technology

The Fast Evo has a mechanism and LED to tell you that it’s time to replace the batteries.

The safety of all models is ensured by a multi-stage protection system that monitors malfunctions: e.g., no flame or insufficient air draft, overheating of the heat exchanger. In the case of improper operation, the unit turns off immediately. The units operate reliably at a minimum pressure of 0.1 bar.

“It is believed that the gas stove is not a very attractive unit that can spoil the interior of any bathroom or kitchen – says Vadim Smirnov, Senior Product Manager. – Fast Evo is designed to change this notion. We believe that the outside is as important as the inside so, in addition to unique technical features, the series has a sleek, stylish design.

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