Uncompromising sound clarity: Pioneer S-DJ X series monitors for DJs

Pioneer launches S-DJ X series of active monitors for creating dance music. S-DJ X loudspeakers developed by Pioneer and TAD reproduce accurate sound in the whole frequency range.The monitors are able to reproduce low frequencies and “barrel” perfectly even at high volume. Five-, six- and eight-inch woofers made of aramid fiber with resonance-preventing mounting technology.

Pioneer S-DJ XS_DJ_X series monitors

Pioneer S-DJ X series monitors for DJs

The S-DJ X Series features one-inch tweeters using TAD’s DECO convective diaphragm technology, and a class-AB bi-amping amplification system helps you maintain a balanced sound at all frequencies without sacrificing quality.

With multiple inputs, volume and treble controls, auto off and on, the S-DJ X is great for both professional and amateur DJing.

Announced series goes on sale in October 2013. At the recommended retail price:

S-DJ50X/S-DJ50X-W – 6,490 Dollars.

S-DJ60X – 8590 Dollars.

S-DJ80X – 10990 Dollars.


TAD convex tweeters

reproduce spatial high-frequency signal: the one-inch soft dome tweeters are designed using the DECO technology found in the famous TAD Pro TSM-2201-LR monitors seen in professional studios around the world. The cones have spatial directionality for the most comfortable control of high frequencies.

Aramid fiber and frontal bass reflection system

Guarantees a powerful bass: the S-DJ X is engineered for superior bass and kick drum performance at any volume. Low-frequency directivity is shifted to the front, and the design of the monitors contributes to an easy exit of the air flows. Speakers are made with aramid fibers and large magnets and mounted on anti resonance speaker cabinets made of thick MDF.

Class A Bi-amping Gain System

In contributes to a balanced sound at all frequencies without loss of quality.

Auto off and on

Eliminates the need to power up the rear panel every time: monitors automatically go into standby mode if no signal is received for 25 minutes and start working when a signal is present. So there’s no need to reach for the power button every time.

Easy installation and use

: Monitors designed with flexibility in use.

Multiple inputs

c: Users can choose between symmetrical XLR and TRS or unbalanced RCA

High Frequency Control

Users can adjust the HF level -2 dB/-1 dB/0 dB/+1 dB for proper display in the room.

Power indicator

LED indicator light shows when the monitor is on.






Bi-amping two-way monitors with front bass reflex system

Bi-amping two-way monitors with front bass reflection system

Bi-amping two-way monitors with front bass reflex system


One-inch soft dome

One inch soft dome

One-inch soft dome


Five-inch aramid fiber

Six-inch aramid fiber

8″ Aramid Fiber tweeter

Frequency range

50 Hz~20 kHz

45 Hz~20 kHz

40 Hz~20 kHz

Sound Pressure

107 dB


115 dB


Biamp Class AB 80 W

WOOFER:54 W 30 W

HF:26 W 15 W

Biamp Class AB 125 W

BASS:90 W 50 W


Biamp Class AB 160 W

HF:125 W 70 W




XLR x 1

TRS 1/4 jack x 1

XLR x 1

TRS(1/4 jack x 1

XLR x 1

TRS(1/4 jack) x 1


RCA x 1

RCA x 1

RCA x 1

Input impedance

10 k&Omega

10 k&Omega

10 k&Omega

Volume control

-∞ dB ~ +6 dB

-∞ dB ~ +6 dB

-∞ dB ~ +6 dB

HF adjustment

-2 dB/-1 dB/0 dB/+1 dB

-2 dB/-1 dB/0 dB/+1 dB

-2 dB/-1 dB/0 dB/+1 dB

Power Consumption

100 W

140 W

160 W


197 x 301 x 262 mm

228 x 342 x 295 mm

276 x 401 x 315 mm


6.5 kg

8.5 kg

11.8 kg


Power cord


Power cord


power cord

Instruction manual

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