Ultrasonic humidifier Atmos-2728 overview

Climate technology

Electronic control panel, ultramodern design, warm fume function, three operation modes, humid indicator, step-by-step change of vaporization power.


The water purification cartridges require periodical replacement.

Ultrasonic humidifier Atmos-2728


: up to 45 sq.m.m.


Control: 300ml/h cold evaporation /350 ml/h hot evaporation.

POWER: 32W cold evaporation/130W hot evaporation.


water tank – 4 l.


Color LED-display, 3 pre-programmed modes – automatic, manual, night step-by-step change of evaporation power, indication of the current humidity on the display, the lack of water alarm, programmable timer.


Automatic RH % RH , “warm steam” function, two-component rotating atomizer nozzle, replaceable filter cartridge with ion-exchange water purifier.


dimensions: 320x280x180mm. WEIGHT: 3.25 kg.


: 1 year.



Traditional cubic design of the device will easily blend this humidifier into any home decor. Bright coloured LEDs on the large digital display gives you clear information about the modes of operation and is especially appealing to the smallest members of the family.


The humidifier has two very important options: it can run in a hot vapor mode warm vapor and it can be equipped with a removable cartridge. When you turn on the function “warm steam” water inside the tank is heated to 80⁰, killing most bacteria. This mode of humidification is also more intensive and recommended for home green areas. The user can choose the automatic mode or enter customized settings. In the latter case, the appliance will maintain a pre-set humidity level.

The ion-exchange cartridge softens the water and protects furniture and flowers from white stains.

Significantly enhances the performance of the device rotating 360° two-component atomizer nozzle. And thanks to the side latches of the water tank, moving the device is more comfortable.


All settings are controlled by the electronic control panel on the front of the unit. Current settings are shown on the digital display.

three operating modes to choose from: automatic, manual or night mode. If there are no individual requirements, it is recommended to use automatic operation during the day and switch to night mode at bedtime.

If you need to enter special conditions, the humidity controller can help. With the step-by-step changing of evaporation power is easy to achieve the desired result. Easy to control the level of humidity in the room with the corresponding indicator. Here you can also set the operating time of the device, if you want to turn it off early.

In case of lack of water in the tank an acoustic alarm goes off and the unit stops its operation.

5900 Dollars.

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