Tupperware has a unique product for baking pancakes

Shrovetide is one of the most joyous weeks of the year, with folk festivals, outdoor games and, of course, with delicious pancakes. Tupperware Company presents products which can be used to make pancakes for every taste – with meat and fish, caviar and cottage cheese, with jam and honey. Thanks to the big mixer the batter will be tender and homogeneous, not a single pancake will stick to the pan “From the Chef”, you can hold both the batter and the filling in the kneading dish, and the universal large bowl of the serving collection will decorate any table! Say goodbye to winter and Shrovetide – Tupperware will make both pancakes and holidays a success!

Tupperware mixer

Large mixer in blue

The large mixer helps you to make classic pancakes, as well as pancakes made of yeast – the dough will come out without a single lump. The lid screws tightly onto the mixer base so the contents won’t spill even when you mix very hard. The ridged surface makes it easy to close and open the lid even when your hands are wet. Make exactly as many pancakes as you need for breakfast or dinner: the mixer is very compact, so you can leave the rest of the batter in it and store it on the fridge door. Not only suitable for pastry, but also for scrambled eggs, omelettes, sauces, cocktails and other dishes and drinks. Specially for Shrovetide the product is released in festive blue color.

A large bowl from the Serving Collection

Cooked pancakes will look very appetizing in a large and elegant bowl. The bottom of the product is frosted, while the top

Tupperware Crêpe Bowl

you can see what and how much is inside the bowl. This frying pan will decorate both a festive table and an ordinary family lunch or dinner. The product is multi-purpose – you can serve side dishes and hot dishes, salads and fruit, mousses and sweets in the bowl. The flat surface of the lid allows you to put bowls on top of each other, which significantly saves space in the refrigerator.

Tupperware bowl

The Shrovetide Dish

A special dish with an airtight lid is indispensable for all kneading operations. The product consists of a bowl with the capacity of 3 liters and a lid with a tongue, which allows you to open the container without any problems. There is a small cut on the tongue, by which the washed lid can be hung on the drying rack to dry the water. Due to the recesses in the rim, the bowl can be easily held and carried with one hand. You can also store baked goods as well as salads and side dishes in the dish.

Tupperware Frying Pan

Chef’s Frying Pan 24 cm

The Chef’s Pan is equipped with a stainless steel layer, suitable for all types of stoves. The ergonomic handle of the pan is not hot, so you can flip pancakes without a tack. Thick walls and solid bottom protect from sticking while the pan remains lightweight thanks to its special three-layer design. It’s easy to bake pancakes in the pan, as well as fry cutlets, steaks, vegetables and more.

Tupperware knife

Baking Accessories

Tupperware accessories from “Disco” collection help to turn pancakes, take them off the pan and become indispensable assistants in all phases of cooking. Use the silicone knife to grip the pancake and let it fry on the other side, a wide spatula will come in handy when the ready dish should be placed on plates, and convenient and stylish ladle is very easy to scoop even portions of batter for each next pancake.

Tupperware spatula

Tupperware ladle

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