Tritton Kama: a headset for connoisseurs of comfort

Mad Catz, manufacturer of peripherals and accessories for digital entertainment enthusiasts, introduces the new Tritton Kama stereo headsets for Xbox One and PS4/PS Vita consoles. These compact and stylish devices will be reliable assistants in the gaming battles, and also replace the usual “travel” headphones: new items are fully compatible with tablets, smartphones, players and other mobile gadgets.

Mad Catz


Tritton Kama, a stylish and lightweight stereo headset for consoles and mobile devices is coming to America

The console headsets Tritton Kama have won popularity among gamers all over the world, and now the long-awaited novelties will appear in America. These devices will be a godsend for those who appreciate comfort in everything. The lightweight design makes the headset a universal solution for all occasions and does not cause discomfort during multi-hour gaming sessions. Soft ear cushions fit your ears tightly and provide good sound insulation, and the headband is adjustable in length within +/- 32 mm on each side. Besides, the earcups can be rotated to be worn around the neck or folded for transportation. One meter cable is convenient to connect the device to the game consoles and smartphone as well.

Both versions of Tritton Kama are equipped with a built-in microphone on a flexible leg. This is an important decision, because each user can adjust its position to their own taste. Microphone provides a clear voice transmission, and the headset itself supports group chats with up to seven players simultaneously.

But the most important thing in new products, certainly, is the sound. The headphones feature two 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets that guarantee high quality playback without interference or distortion. Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz: Sounds in games will be balanced across all genres. Explosions, screeching brakes, nature sounds, melodic background music – all of it will be as realistic and lively as possible.

The Tritton Kama for PS4/PS Vita has a small remote control that allows the player to adjust the volume or mute the microphone. The gadget is easily connected not only to the full-size and mobile consoles PlayStation, but also is compatible with the brand controller Sony DualShock 4. The Xbox One version takes control of your sound settings differently through the convenient four-button adapter that’s included. It will be an intermediate link between the console controller and headset.

Sales of new products have already started in America. TRITTON KAMA for PS4/PS Vita costs 2590 Dollars, while the Xbox One version costs 5490 Dollars.

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