Transcend’s Industrial Class DDR4-3200 Memory Modules, Optimized for the 5G Era

Transcend Information, Inc, a leading manufacturer of devices for industrial applications, introduces new series of DDR4-3200 industrial grade memory modules. These memory modules are designed specifically for the 5G era and smart systems of all kinds. They feature 3200 MHz, high bandwidth, low latency and low power consumption. Transcend DDR4-3200 memory modules are covered by Transcend’s limited lifetime warranty.


High-quality DRAM chips from world’s leading manufacturers

Transcend obtains the chips used in its industrial-grade memory modules directly from the world’s top manufacturers. These chips are rated “major-grade”, meaning they are original brand-name, and have undergone all internal testing by the manufacturer to confirm the highest standard of quality. The memory modules are ready for telecom, gaming, automotive onboard computers, healthcare applications and other such systems in the coming AIoT decade.

For embedded systems, high-end notebooks and peripherals

As various industries begin to use 5G infrastructure, the demand for high-capacity, high-performance memory is increasing. Transcend DDR4-3200 memory modules have capacities from 8 GB to 32 GB, allowing them to be used in high-performance servers, desktops and workstations. It is a great solution for unmanned systems, artificial intelligence equipment and other systems.

Lineup includes unbuffered DIMM and SO-DIMM, ECC DIMM, ECC SO-DIMM, as well as buffered DIMM. These solutions meet all the diverse and demanding requirements of today’s markets. DDR4-3200 memory modules fully JEDEC specification, optimized for Intel®, AMD® and ARM processors.

Low power consumption of 1.2V

Running on as little as 1.2V, this memory reduces power consumption. These modules consume much less power than their DDR3, DDR2 and DDR predecessors. Although the future will bring even larger capacity systems, DDR4 keeps the power consumption low.

Data transfer rate of 3200 MT/s

In the 5G era, large amounts of data are generated and processed in real time by various peripherals, blurring the line between telecommunications and computer networks. It creates the need for low response time and low redundancy. DDR4-3200 memory modules have low latency and ultra-high transfer rates of 3200 MT/s. They meet all of today’s computing and data transfer speed requirements, thus supporting the 5G revolution.

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