TP Vision presents new stylish and affordable Philips PFL4508 and PFL5008 TVs with Philips Smart TV functions

New York, February 27, 2013. – TP Vision introduces new Philips Smart TV models PFL4508 and PFL5008 series, featuring a combination of elegant design, excellent picture quality and advanced interactive features. Philips PFL4508 and PFL5008 will be available in America Q2 2013.

Philips 5000 series TVs

Philips PFL4508 series TVs

The Philips PFL4508 series offers TVs from 81cm 32” to 140cm 55” diagonal. The new PFL4508 has a beautifully designed, slim bezel in brushed aluminum and an elegant, minimalist stand in dark silver aluminum.

With built-in Wi-Fi, the new 3D TVs offer easy wireless access to Philips Smart TV services and apps. Wi-Fi Miracast and Philips My Remote apps let you share content with your connected mobile devices. USB camera[1] PFL5008 allows users to make Skype video calls directly on the big screen of the TV.

All Philips PFL4508 models support 3D Max technology. 3D films are displayed in exceptionally high resolution Full HD resolution thanks to the support of Active Shutter Glasses technology. The TV also includes 2D to 3D conversion and 3D depth can be adjusted to personal preferences. Dual View Gaming on Philips PFL4508 televisions gives gamers an amazing experience when playing together.

To optimise image contrast the PFL4508 series uses Micro Dimming technology to dim the LED panel locally to the screen, adding depth to dark colors and superb clarity to vivid colors.

The new Philips 4500 series TVs don’t just feature a high picture quality, but also decent deep sound. The 20W Smart Stereo speakers built into the compact body of the TV give you clear, vibrant sound.

Philips PFL5008 series TVs

Tailored to customer needs, for the first time all Philips PFL5008s are available with Ambilight dual-sided backlighting. And they’re packed with top-notch features, like built-in Wi-Fi for wireless access to Philips Smart TV services. With Wi-Fi Miracast you can easily share your content with other connected devices. Philips 5008 Series TVs also support video calling via Skype via USB camera[2].

The PFL5008 is framed by a slim black matte steel frame, complemented by a slim silver bar at the bottom of the screen and a light, minimalist U-shaped aluminium stand.

All PFL5008s feature Easy 3D with passive 3D technology. It not only lets you view 3D content, but also converts 2D videos to 3D and adjusts the 3D depth on your own. The televisions also support Dual View Gaming. The PFL5008 also delivers picture quality with Perfect Motion Rate[3] 300 Hz for flawless clarity and Micro Dimming for improved contrast of dark and bright colors.

In support of multimedia features, all PFL5008 series models are equipped with powerful Ambi-wOOx speakers for deep bass.

PFL4508, PFL5008 information sheet*




16:9 LCD with LED backlight,

Full HD with 1,920×1080 resolution and 3D functionality

Screen diagonal*

81 cm 32” 32PFL4508

102cm 40” 40PFL4508

117 cm 46” 46PFL4508

140cm 55” 55PFL4508

81 cm 32” 32PFL5008

104cm 42” 42PFL5008

119cm 47” 47PFL5008

127cm 50” 50PFL5008

3D Experience

3D Max active shutter technology, features

Dual View Gaming, 3D depth adjustment, 2D to 3D conversion

Easy 3D based on passive polarizing technology,


Dual View Gaming, 3D depth adjustment, 2D to 3D conversion

Picture Quality Indicator

200 Hz PMR

300 Hz PMR

Blackout technology

Micro Dimming



Dual-sided Ambilight

Smart TV functions*

Smart TV online apps, support Philips MyRemote, DLNA media browser, USB recording

Smart TV online apps, support for Philips MyRemote, DLNA media browser, USB recording


3 HDMI, 2 USB, Wi-Fi,

Ethernet LAN, CI+,

Easylink HDMI-CEC ,


3 HDMI, 2 USB, Wi-Fi,

Ethernet LAN, CI+,

Easylink HDMI-CEC ,





Smart Stereo 3D, 20W

*Technical specifications and service availability are country dependent and subject to change without notice.

[1] Sold separately

[2] Sold separately

[3] Philips Perfect Motion Rate shows the visual impact of an effective combination of picture enhancement technologies.

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