Toshiba to take part in CES 2015

New York, December 25, 2014.- Toshiba will participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show CES-2015 where it will present its latest innovations in data storage, energy and healthcare, as well as a number of innovative products designed to make everyday life safer and more comfortable for users. Show to be held January 6-9 in Las Vegas.

Computers & Peripherals

At the exhibition, the company will demonstrate unusual new products, including “smart” glasses and a robot-android

One of Toshiba’s central novelties presented at CES 2015 will be “smart” glassesToshibaGlasses. The device is a pair of ordinary glasses with a small removable projector on the right arm. Unlike Google’s gadget, Toshiba Glass transmits the image from the projector to the glasses’ lens without using an additional prism. The new device is not a fully-fledged computer, but connects to a smartphone and serves as a kind of display for the information transmitted by the mobile device. “Smart glasses will help you to watch how many calories you burn during sport activities, tell you what ingredients to add to this or that dish or give you instructions on how to repair your car or replace the hard drive in your computer. Information from the device is broadcasted in the upper right corner of the lens, not disturbing the user to do their business. Toshiba Glass weighs only 42 grams so you can wear it all day long just like regular glasses.

No less impressive novelty at CES 2015 will be a prototype of a lifelike communication android with a realistic appearance. The developers gave it the ability to move smoothly and speak in sign language. Experts from the Shibaur Institute of Technology and aLab Inc. worked on the creation of a unique android. Toshiba helped develop unique control algorithms that make the robot-girl’s movements especially smooth and lifelike. Robot to be upgraded by the end of 2015 with learning to speak and recognize human speech. The unique development can find widespread use in the service industry – for example, to “work” as a caregiver in medical facilities or as a tour guide for tourists.

Toshiba will also be exhibiting its unique “Virtual fitting” system, which analyses a wearer’s appearance and helps them select clothing according to the range of available stores. The system is a large display, which broadcasts the user’s image as in a mirror , but with a superimposed 3D model of the selected items. This way, you can easily find the clothes you want without wasting time trying them on, and then buy the ones you like in your neighborhood store.

In addition, at CES 2015 will be presented new solutions in the field of data storage, including products supporting TransferJet™ technology it provides wireless and contactless data exchange at speeds up to 560 Mbit/s , new products with NFC and Bluetooth® Smart support, as well as FlashAir™ memory card with wireless connection support. Attendees will see the latest line of client SSDs, portable hard drives, SD memory cards and products incorporating SeeQVault™ data protection technology.

At CES 2015, the company will demonstrate its SCiB™ long-life lithium-ion battery packs and ENE-FARM household fuel cells. Among the innovations in health care will be biosensors for fitness bracelets and a wearable device Silmee™, which will help to prevent a number of diseases by analyzing the activity of the nervous system, sleep and other vital signs. Another exciting new product from Toshiba will be an image-recognition processor for the automotive industry. It will help expand the functionality of ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance systems to accurately recognize pedestrians on the road in the dark.

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, consolidates advanced electronic and electrical product and system development in five strategic business areas: Power & Infrastructure Social & Office Solutions Health Systems & Services Electronic Devices & Components and Consumer Electronics. Guided by Toshiba Group’s core value, “Responsibility to People, Responsibility to the Future”, Toshiba endeavors to “Grow Through Innovation and Invention”, contributing to a world where all people live in safety, security and comfort.

Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today Toshiba is the center of 590 incorporated companies around the world, providing jobs for more than 200,000 employees. Annual sales exceed $63 billion.

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