Toshiba is launching L6 series TVs on the American market: 40L6353

New York, September 2, 2013. Toshiba 40L6353 LCD TV sets enter the American market. It’s part of the L6 series in 2013 and like all this year’s models, it has a simple, elegant design. Equipped with a high-quality FullHD LED-backlit display, it supports AMR100 and Resolution+ and – most importantly – it not only receives analogue and digital broadcasts, but also allows you to access digital content on the Internet. In addition, the models of the L6 series can record TV programs to external media, display content from a variety of devices in the local network supports DLNA and WiDi standards , as well as easily controlled from a tablet or smartphone.

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Superb image quality

Toshiba 40L6353 uses a powerful processor Meta Brain and a 40″ diagonal display with 1920 x 1080 FullHD resolution. LED EDGE backlighting significantly improves dynamic contrast and brightness, as well as black and white display. Toshiba designers have reduced the thickness of the enclosure by installing LEDs along the edges of the panel. Thanks to the active flicker control backlight AMR100 refresh rate increased to 100 times per second, allowing for high image clarity in dynamic scenes – this TV is perfect for fans of computer games, sports broadcasts and Hollywood blockbusters. In addition, the unique Toshiba Resolution+ technology improves low-resolution images to a level closer to HD content quality.

Networking and Cloud TV

The L6 series has Ethernet RJ-45 , Wi-Fi adapters and support for Intel’s Wireless Display WiDi technology. Toshiba 40L6353 supports DNLA standard and can communicate with any device PC, media players, cameras, camcorders, etc… d. . These smart TVs work with Toshiba Cloud TV services, which allows the owner to create a personalized home entertainment environment with access to social networks and digital content on the Internet. It has a full-featured web browser, Skype client video camera purchased separately , games, applications and much more. Toshiba’s free apps for smartphones and tablets are available through the Apple AppStore and Google Play, turning your mobile device into a fully-fledged smart TV remote control.

New generation technologies

L6 Series TVs are compatible with four different signal types: traditional analog, digital, cable and satellite. Thanks to DVB-C, DVD-T and DVB-T2 tuners they are ideal for receiving the new generation of digital broadcasts, whose testing has already begun in America, while the modern multi-channel audio system Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital Pulse, Virtual Surround Sound allows you to get surround sound, even in a small room.

TV recording

Video equipment

Like its predecessors, the L6 Series is USB-enabled for playing back media content from external sources. In addition, they can record digital broadcasting programs including video games, music videos, TV shows, etc. . ch. L6 TV sets are connected to the local network via an Ethernet port RJ-45 and also come with Wi-Fi adapters and support Intel’s wireless display technology WiDi . The Toshiba 40L6353 also features HDMI and MHL Mobile High-Definition Link in addition to the usual set of digital and analog connectors. MHL port combines HDMI and USB functionality so you can charge your mobile device while viewing content on the big screen.

LCD TV Toshiba 40L6353 in America are available in stores of official partners of Toshiba.

Suggested retail price – from 22 990 Dollars.

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