Toshiba introduces the redesigned Portégé R30-A ultra-portable notebook

New York, October 30, 2013. – Toshiba presents the ultra-portable system of premium Port&eacute g&eacute R30-A, which is included in Toshiba’s line of new business laptops. This compact, slim, lightweight and highly battery-friendly computer features a fourth-generation Intel Core M processor. Business users will definitely appreciate the rich functionality, including the presence of a built-in DVD drive, organically embodied in the device with a thickness of only 2.5 cm and weighing 1.36 kg.


“Business people today are increasingly working outside the office and need ultra-portable notebooks that deliver the same performance and functionality as a business PC,” said Carl Pinto, vice president of marketing for the company’s U.S. digital products division

Toshiba.- “Port&eacute g&eacute R30-A is a powerful, reliable and compact 13-inch laptop for active users. It demonstrates long battery life and is equipped with all the IT security features needed in a corporate environment.”.

High level of performance in a compact design

Powerful, modern hardware and the built-in DVD-drive are not reflected in the compact size of the Port&eacute g&eacute R30-A. Fourth-generation Intel Core M processor, up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory, hard drive up to 750 GB, or SSD up to 512 GB. Support for Intel vPro technology and a built-in fingerprint reader give enterprise IT departments all the features they need to securely operate their mobile computers.

Reliability and protection

Port enclosure&eacute g&eacute The R30-A is made of high-quality, wear-resistant and incredibly lightweight Tough Body magnesium alloy. Thanks to Toshiba’s unique honeycomb structure and the use of cushioning materials, it is fully protected from shock and damage. Toshiba EasyGuard technology protects critical system components from hazardous external influences, and optimal cooling is achieved through the use of AirFlow II ventilation technology. Laptop Port&eacute g&eacute The R30-A underwent rigorous testing at the Toshiba factory in Japan and was tested for water resistance, shock resistance and durability Highly Accelerated Life Testing, HALT .

No adapters

For data transfer and synchronization at Port&eacute g&eacute The R30-A uses a wide range of interfaces: three USB 3 ports.0, a full-size HDMI connector, a card reader, and a network port. State-of-the-art Sleep & Charge technology enables tablets and phones to be charged via USB 3.0 even when the computer is powered off. The notebook is equipped with a high-capacity battery, which lasts for a full working day.

Universal Docking Station and Accessories

To make it easier for IT to manage enterprise infrastructure, a single docking station model and a set of universal accessories such as power adapters and port replicators can be used with all new Toshiba business laptops. In addition, a single deployment image has been created to fit all business models, making it easy for IT to configure all the necessary settings and reduce the time required to commission the computers.

Laptop Port&eacute g&eacute R30-A is available to order for corporate customers from mid-October. The cost of the devices depends on the configuration of the model.

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