Toshiba 58L9363 4K TV review

The 4K format involves expanding the range of TVs from the current 1080p 1920 x 1080 pixels ceiling to 2160p 3840 x 2160 pixels , capable of playing Ultra HDTV and Ultra High Definition video UHDV . There’s also 8K UNDTV 4320p , with a resolution of 7680 x 4320. All this is called a television of ultra-high definition, but in our country, alas, such a signal is not yet. True, on June 27, 2013, “Tricolor TV” company provided a public satellite broadcast in 4K UHDTV for 19-minute video clip.The reviews of 4K ULTRA 4K TVs are different, contradictory, but no one denies that this format has a future and it allows you to create panels of huge size.

Video technology

Brand: Japan

Production: UK

Average price: 158,000 Dollars


L9 series reflects Toshiba’s distinctive design. With a simple, modern style that blends perfectly into any interior, the super-slim body, premium frame and rounded edges give this TV an elegant look, hiding the power that comes inside.


Design features

16:9 aspect ratio, 58″ diagonal 147 cm , resolution 3840 x 2160, supporting 3D and 4K UHD. Supported formats – MP3, WMA, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, MKV, JPEG. Picture-in-picture POP , Dolby Digital decoder, 20W audio output 2 x 10W , C\PCMCIA, SD slot. Interfaces: Inputs – AV, audio x 2, component, SCART, RGB, VGA, HDMI x 4, USB x 2, MHL, RS-232, Ethernet RJ-45 , Wi-Fi, WiDi, Miracast.The output is optical. 2D to 3D conversion.800 Hz refresh rate. Edge LED backlight.

Video technology

Features of technology

Active Shutter 3D optical shutter technology. The image frequency is transmitted to the active shutter glasses using an infrared signal. TV is built on a high-tech multiprocessor platform CEVO 4K. This powerful processor allows you to display very clear 4K images and improves the quality of conventional and HD images to almost 4K resolution. It utilizes AMR 800, Active Motion & Resolution 800.



Active Motion & Resolution 800 Hz technology, included in the functionality of the TV increases the frame rate up to 800 Hz by actively controlling flicker LED backlight. With this technology, all dynamic scenes on the screen are displayed with increased clarity and smooth movement. And Resolution+ technology automatically enhances images from HD and Full HD signal sources, bringing them closer to 4K quality 2160i .

The model is the center of interactive entertainment based on the Smart TV platform with the ability to communicate in social networks, make video calls over Skype, watch online videos, listen to music and use information resources via applications. Built-in media player supports most popular external media formats. You can connect flash drives and other media devices via USB.


Easy and clear menu, made in a modern style – icons. No problem with subsections too, they pop up themselves, you just need to point the pointer to the desired section. Menu language – American. Comes with 2 remotes, one standard, classic, the other to control media content. Second remote control has voice control and active touch panel. You can also control the TV with your smartphone or tablet.

Picture quality

With modern technology the picture quality is excellent, even better than in some cinemas. Particularly impressive is the quality of YouTube video playback. Instead of the usual shallow, flickering picture, thanks to the technology that has been applied in this TV, we get a full movie, in which you can see even the smallest details. And your old DVDs, even pirated ones, when viewed on this screen will surprise you.

Video technology


Audyssey EQ sound correction system compensates for various sound distortion problems in the whole listening area. In medium-sized rooms 17 – 19 meters square can do without remote acoustics, but it’s better with it bass is not enough .

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