Toshiba 4K U Series: The Road to Incredible Clarity

Toshiba has shown at the IFA-2014 exhibition a prototype of U-series TVs with 4K resolution, the official announcement of which is expected in 2015. The latest Toshiba innovations, such as advanced MediaGuideReplay feature, CEVO Picture technology and support for the HEVC standard, will be implemented in the new models. Slim and sleek TVs will feature high-definition displays with four times the resolution of Full HD.

A personalized approach to TV recording

Toshiba to Combine Ultra HD Resolution with MediaGuide Replay Support for the First Time in a U Series TV. This “smart” feature, previously used in the L74 series TVs, automatically develops personalized recommendations for users based on their preferences.

The updated MediaGuide Replay service will offer TV programs for each family member to record, based on previous viewing history. Users will also be able to control the service using mobile devices, including remotely.

Your viewing pleasure

Support for CEVO Picture, along with 4K resolution, gives you a highly detailed picture and true-to-life color reproduction. Achieve a truly bright picture with a rich palette of colors through enhanced LED backlighting.

Thanks to hardware restoration technology, the image will be reproduced in almost the same quality as it was before it was compressed: every detail will be visible on the screen.

See more in UltraHD

All U Series TVs will support the latest HEVC decoding technology. It allows to watch video from the Internet, SD-cards or USB-drives in Ultra HD quality. The HEVC codec provides better compatibility with 4K/60p content, allowing users to enjoy their favorite movies with stunning clarity and detail.

U-Series looks sleek and sophisticated in a high gloss body with a slim, chrome stand. The first deliveries of 4K Toshiba U-series TVs on the American market are expected in early 2015.

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