Toshiba 42VL963R TV test

Toshiba 42VL963R TV is a versatile model that does not limit the user, but allows you to configure and use all the features to the maximum. The model shows excellent picture quality complemented by a mass of useful and convenient features.

Toshiba 42VL963R TV

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlighting

Picture quality

Colors are saturated, you can feel the “depth”, white and black colors are natural, without any admixtures. The picture looks natural and has great reserves of brightness and contrast. In addition the menu contains many options, allowing you to tweak the picture to your liking, right up to adjusting gamma. For clarity and smoothness of the image technology is responsible Active Motion & Resolution 400, which confidently copes with its task. The claimed viewing angles of 178 degrees really allows you not to worry about loss of contrast and color when viewing from anywhere in the room.

Sound quality

Two speakers with total capacity of 20 watts are responsible for the sound. The sound is clear and deep, and the volume reserve is good. In addition to the equalizer, there are the functions of voice amplification, noise reduction and surround sound.

Design Features

At first glance, the Toshiba 42VL963R focuses your attention on the almost total absence of a frame around the screen. It is so narrow that it is barely noticeable. The stand has a rectangular base and overall looks organic, visually without weighing down the design. If you want to mount your TV on the wall you’ll need to find a suitable bracket, as in most cases it’s not included, there are only the necessary holes.


The unit has very advanced switching possibilities. On the rear panel there are three HDMI sockets, LAN, component video input, SCART, antenna input, digital optical audio output and D-Sub. On the side is a CI slot, headphone output, another HDMI connector and two USB ports. You can connect a Wi-Fi adapter, which you buy separately.

Service capabilities

The capabilities of the TV is very high and capable to satisfy any user. 3D technology is implemented by polarization, the set includes four pairs of glasses, – respectively, polarizing. 2D to 3D conversion. Built-in media player is great for audio, photo and video. It is also possible to record digital broadcasting on a USB drive. The TV can be connected to your home LAN and thus you can view files, such as those recorded on your home PC. If there is a connection to the Internet, then in addition to YouTube, the portal Toshiba Places, which opens access to media content on the Internet.


42″ 104cm diagonal

LED EDGE backlight type

Contrast – n/a

1920×1080 resolution

16:9 screen format

Brightness of 360 cd/m2

Response time 10 ms

Viewing angle 178 deg

11 490 Dollars

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