Top 10 most interesting LG novelties

Here are the top 10 most unexpected and interesting LG innovations in 2019. They will create the trend and delight us in the new year 2020.


LG AI DD washing machine

The company is especially proud of its newest LG AI DD front-loading washing machines with direct drive and artificial intelligence.

LG AI DD washing machine

Using Big Data 20,000 laundry algorithms , AI-enabled direct drive allows you to fine-tune the wash cycle, automatically detect laundry weight and fabric softness. This ensures exceptional results with every wash and reduces the chance of damage by 18%, prolonging the life of your favorite clothes.

  • LG’s TurboWash 360 feature provides a comfortable wash with no loss of quality in just 39 minutes.
  • 3D Multi Spray water spray also helps clean clothes in half the time, releasing water jets simultaneously in four different directions to better remove dirt.
  • The Steam+ function complements this comprehensive laundry solution, neutralizing 99.9% of allergens with a special sterilization cycle.
  • Wrinkle-free laundry removes up to 30% of creases .

LG PuriCare Mini air purifier

LG PuriCare Mini can be taken anywhere, thanks to its small size and weight. This air purifier can be used in vehicles and other places where stationary models are not available.

LG PuriCare Mini

In size and weight the LG PuriCare Mini is comparable to a 500ml water bottle or a large coffee cup.

The LG cordless handheld vacuum cleaner can run for up to 8 hours uninterruptedly thanks to its powerful battery, which can be easily recharged via USB.

LG PuriCare Mini

Compact air purifier uses LG’s 4-Step Air Filtration System 4-Step Air Filtration System to thoroughly clean out pollutants:

  • PM1 sensor.0, uses the same technology used in stationary models, quickly and accurately detects the degree of air pollution.
  • Anti-allergen dust filter Total Allergen and Dust Collection Filter cleans the air in just 10 minutes.
  • DUAL inverter drive helps create a powerful stream of clean air.
  • DUAL Clean Fan disperses it in different directions for wider coverage.

LG PuriCare Mini’s allergen removal capabilities have been certified by relevant medical organizations, including the British Allergy Foundation BAF .

In quiet mode, the cleaner delivers powerful performance while producing as little as 23dB of noise, remaining so quiet that it won’t wake a sleeping child.

Barely audible cleaner LG is a good solution for libraries and other closed public spaces, where the observance of silence.

LG STYLER Steamroller

LG Styler is the forerunner in a new category of home appliances.

LG Styler

It is an innovative clothing care solution that provides the perfect closet freshener.

System includes:

  • TrueSteam steam treatment to remove creases and odors.
  • Gentle drying for delicate fabrics.

During steam treatment, the hanger gently shakes clothes to remove creases and smooth out fabrics.

Easy Pants Crease feature creates a crisp arrow line on pants, saving users the extra hassle.

LG Styler

Styler Plus Black Edition blends in perfectly with any home, the door has a refined smooth mirror surface.

LG vacuum cleaners with artificial intelligence

LG vacuum cleaners

In the rating of unusual novelties from Korea got two models at once:

  • LG CordZero A9+ Power Drive Mop vertical vacuum cleaner
  • CordZero R9 robotic vacuum cleaner

The LG CordZero A9+ two-in-one vacuum cleaner offers three modes of operation tailored to different types of flooring. It can do wet cleaning. Automatic water delivery system permanently humidifies two rotating nozzles. If you’re scrubbing your floors quickly, the system delivers water to the brushes in 6-second intervals. The water flow stops completely if the brushes get too wet.

Vertical CordZero A9+

LG CordZero R9 robot vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence uses an advanced deep learning algorithm for more efficient operation and collision-free movement indoors.

CordZero R9

CordZero R9 model features ThinQ technology

artificial intelligence


Vacuum cleaner can pinpoint its location in your apartment or home. The unit features a 160-degree wide-angle 3D Dual Eye sensor that looks straight ahead and up at the same time, collecting a full set of visual data for more accurate navigation.

The CordZero R9 model uses this information in combination with deep learning technology and data from its other sensors to categorize obstacles and rooms.

The user can install the ThinQ app on their smartphone to give the vacuum cleaner tasks for which room or rooms it should clean.

LG DOORCOOLING Refrigerator+

DoorCooling+ and Linear Cooling technologies work in tandem to create optimal food storage conditions and allow LG refrigerators to keep food fresh longer.


  • DoorCooling+ is an additional cooling system located in the upper part of the cooling chamber. It cools food up to 32% faster than a conventional cooling system, Cold air is distributed throughout the interior of the refrigerator to maintain uniform temperatures even in hard-to-reach areas, such as door shelves.
  • Linear Cooling+ generates a uniform temperature inside the chamber with minimal fluctuations within ± 0.5 °C .

LG HomeBrew in-home brewery

In 2019, LG Electronics unveiled its first capsule-based brewing machine, the LG HomeBrew.

LG HomeBrew

The process of creating beer has become incredibly easy thanks to the disposable capsules, the optimized fermentation algorithm and the convenient self-cleaning mechanism.

With a set of disposable capsules containing malt, yeast, hop oil and flavor additives, the user only needs to press a button – LG HomeBrew fully automates the entire procedure, from fermentation, carbonation and aging to maintenance and cleaning.

Free compatible app for Android and iOS devices lets you check HomeBrew status anytime, anywhere.

Five beers with rich flavors are sure to impress:

  1. American IPA hops,
  2. Golden American Pale Ale,
  3. Full English Stout,
  4. Spicy Belgian Witbier,
  5. dry Czech Pilsner.

The system can produce up to five liters of high-quality beer in about two weeks, depending on the type of beer.

LG SIGNATURE wine cabinet

Red, white wines, champagne need to be preserved at different temperatures.

LG wine cabinet

LG SIGNATURE wine cabinet knows it and maintains the right temperature for each type of wine.

The wine cabinet is equipped with all InstaView features: from Knock-on-Door

Knock twice to see what’s inside

Up to automatic shelf raising and backlighting.

Two sections in the wine cabinet can be used as a freezer or refrigerator if you want to store ice or, for example, cheese in it.


LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R is the world’s first TV with a truly flexible screen that can roll up as if it were paper.

The model is presented in a modification with a 65-inch diagonal screen.

The display supports high resolution Ultra HD or 4K, and it features HDR support and 120 Hz refresh rate.

Viewing angles reach 178 degrees vertically and horizontally.


It takes exactly 10 seconds for the panel to open fully, and users have the option of raising the panel by a third. In this mode, the screen displays the time, date and control icons for smart home devices, including smart speakers.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R has Dolby Atmos speakers with a total power of 100 watts for sound output. The software is represented by WebOS system in its most up-to-date version.

The firmware includes a wide range of built-in applications and supports voice control through the integrated Google Assistant.

LG is going to introduce a “roll-up” smartphone in the foreseeable future, patented in late 2018. Unlike the TV, the smartphone screen has two twisting mechanisms for easy use with both hands, and it too has the ability to partially open the display.

LG DERMA LED is a facial mask

Phototherapy is defined as correction of aesthetic skin imperfections by rays of visible light. A technique long known in physical and rehabilitative medicine.


LG’s DERMA LED mask helps make your skin glow from the inside out in just 9 minutes a day thanks to 160 LED lights.

Light waves not only interact favorably with different skin structures. They improve the elasticity and permeability of cell membranes, open channels in the skin so that the active cosmetic particles can penetrate deeper much easier than with ordinary surface application, and in higher concentrations get right into the cells.


LG Objet technics

In Korea, LG introduced a premium series of household appliances and electronics LG Objet.

LG Objet

This technique is created to seamlessly and silently fit into the bedroom, library or living room.

Air purifier, refrigerator, audio system disguised in furniture and bedside cabinets. OLED – TV combines library and entertainment center in an original way.

LG Objet

Washing machines LGAI DD, portable air purifier LG PuriCare Mini, steam cabinet LG Styler, vertical vacuum cleaner LG CordZero A9+, robot-vacuum cleaner LG CordZero R9, refrigerators LG DoorCooling+ are already available in American stores.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R and LG SIGNATURE wine cabinet to appear in the American Federation in 2020.

LG HomeBrew, LGDERMALED face mask and LG Objet appliances have not yet been announced.

More about LG technique production in South Korea

Interview with Mr. YongNam Roh, head of international sales and marketing of kitchen appliances, business unit of household appliances and climate systems LG.

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