TIMBERK TAP FL300 MF air purifier: breathe deeply, the air is pure!

The air purifier TIMBERK TAP FL300 MF is a modern, functional, stylish air purifier with a maximum set of filters and devices for cleaning and improving air quality that will turn a big city apartment into an oasis of freshness and purity. In a country house air purifier will be useful for people who suffer from allergies to pollen of plants. It allows adults and children to breathe with their breath.

Air cleaner TIMBERK TAP FL300 MF

Thanks to the ozonator, this air purifier can be used to disinfect the air and prevent the spread of viruses during epidemics. The ionizer will provide the optimal ratio of positive and negative ions in the air, making the air as lively and useful as possible. The aromatization option allows filling the air with your favorite aromas and giving your life a new coloring. Easy-care, user-friendly and clearly arranged controls provide maximum comfort.


8 stages of air purification.

FILTERS: Fibra Carbon, Carbon + photocatalytic PH3 , HEPA, for aromatized air.

  • Fiber filter effectively removes harmful carcinogens such as benzene from the air.
  • Photocatalytic filter eliminates harmful organic and inorganic pollutants, bacteria and viruses, mold spores. It does not accumulate pollutants but decomposes them into harmless substances.

Photocatalytic and fibre filters – in interaction with a UV lamp destroy viruses, bacteria and fungal spores.

  • Carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odors, tobacco smoke, harmful gases, dangerous formaldehyde from certain types of furniture, adhesives and chemicals.
  • HEPA filter removes 99.95% of particles of dust, pollen and other allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Fragrance filter can be removed from the common cassette. Repeated application of aromatizing oil is possible.

Devices: UV lamp, ozonator, ionizer.

  • Ionizer generates negatively charged ions anions and freshens indoor air. Anions clean the air from dust and smoke and need a certain proportion for normal well-being.
  • Ozone generator generates ozone that destroys all known germs. It is recommended to perform ozone treatment when people are not in the room .
  • UV lamp breaks down harmful micro-organisms in the filter into simple compounds, destroying them.

It is possible to select the operation of one device or in combination: “ionizer + UV lamp”, “ozonator + UV lamp”, “ozonator + ionizer + UV lamp”, turning off all functions.


  • High precision air quality sensor.

When it is turned on, the air purifier automatically monitors the air quality in the room. Device automatically controls fan speed and – respectively – air purification capacity.

Color-coded red/violet/blue sensor.

There is a button to adjust the sensitivity Low – “low”/High – “high” . Depending on selection will change the level of air purification.

  • Three power level: minimum night SLEEP /medium/maximum.
  • Automatic operation mode – the device runs for 20 minutes at maximum power and then turns off for 40 minutes.


  • Control panel on the cabinet.

On/Off Buttons.on/off. mode selection, speed selection and fan rotation on/off. Sensor, incl./off. ozonizer, on/off./off. UV, on/off./off. ionizer.

  • Display.

Indicators for air quality, ozonator, ionizer, UV lamp, fan speed, night mode SLEEP, timer, auto mode.

  • Remote control.
  • Timer Off 1/2/4 hour timer.
  • Silence Dream low noise level.


Removable front panel.

Air quality sensor – recommended cleaning once every 2 months.

All filters need periodic replacement, the need for which is indicated by the timer of the expiration date of the filters.

Recommended filter cartridge change interval is once in 4-6 months.

Price of the filter set – 1500 Dollars.


Air performance: 365 cu.m.m/h.

Service area is 35-40 sq. m.m

Power: 68 Watt.

Dimensions: 610h345h215 mm. weight: 7,5 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

DURATION: 5 years.

Country of Origin: Israel.

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