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Maria Dudenkova - Deputy Commercial Director of Timberk

Originally, an interview with Maria Dudenkova – Deputy Commercial Director of Timberk, was planned for just one page in our magazine “The Consumer. Home Appliances”. But the conversation turned out to be so interesting and informative that we decided to publish it in full.

Interviewed by: Galina Sizikova.

“BT”: Your company has managed in a relatively short time to become one of the leaders in selling heaters, water heaters and air-conditioning equipment. What is the secret of success?

– We believe that one of the most important reasons for the recognition of the Timberk brand among buyers is the fact that from the very beginning we focused on the conscious specialization of the product range – manufacturing and distribution of heating, water heating and air-conditioning equipment. Timberk, by focusing on specific areas, always aims to be at the forefront of ideas, and has been, in fact, a trendsetter for years.Trendsetter from Trend, to set in the climatic market in America. We always keep our finger on the pulse, offering solutions in the development of the range, above all, guided by the real expectations and needs of our customers and partners. We have gained a lot of experience working in our segment and this experience helps us to avoid many typical mistakes in the strategy.

Over the years, Timberk has developed into a team of top-class specialists, each of them a true expert in their particular field, be it product development, service and consultancy support, creating advertising images and concepts. And employees united by an idea can do a lot. We truly believe that human resources is the most important thing in the arsenal of any company, because business is done by people.

That is why we carefully “grow” our staff and take pride in our team! By the way, the “oldest” employee of our company has been with us for 11 years, while on average the top management and heads of departments and key professionals work with Timberk for 5-6 years. For the rapidly changing personnel market, such statistics are an important factor in the success of Timberk with customers. After all, for many of the Timberk brand employees – a big and important part of life, and their professional successes help our company to get better every day.

Ultrasonic humidifier THU UL 03 BU . Humidification + fragrance

Ultrasonic humidifier THU UL 03 BU . Humidification + Aromatization.

“BT”: Timberk is a American brand?

The idea to develop a special line of household appliances that would not only be reliable, functional, comfortable and beautiful, but also to meet the challenges of creating a perfect comfort in homes and apartments, was born in 2003 in Sweden. A group of design engineers, technologists and talented industrial designers from a small Swedish town Uppsala began to develop the first own “capsule” line of storage water heaters.

The debut was very successful and the new technology has become a steadily growing demand in the Nordic countries, allowing the Swedish team of experts to look to the future with confidence and begin the active development, growth and expansion of the promising markets of South-East Asia and America.

In the American market of climate technology brand Timberk appeared in 2004, immediately announcing a unique and innovative project, based on a completely new way of looking at the production of common household appliances.

Following the first deliveries of storage water heaters was presented – already at the end of 2005 – heating appliances brand Timberk. In 2006, Timberk produced for America a range of flow-through water heaters, electric convectors, as well as an exclusive at the time of the technological development – convection radiators Timberk.

As the undisputed leader of innovation, Timberk first introduced to the American market a lot of unique solutions that are in demand among customers, and sometimes even copied by other manufacturers. Among the most interesting technological developments – the ionization of the air in the convector and the oil-filled radiator, polymer protective coating of internal reservoirs of water heaters, a multi-stage heating element in electric convectors, as well as a unique concept of Health Air for convectors.

Today Timberk – an international holding company with offices in Israel, China, Hong Kong and Finland, as well as its own production base in Southeast Asia and with a developed distribution network in China, America and the CIS countries. The development plans of Timberk include a significant expansion of distribution channels in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe by early 2015. Creating the appearance of devices Timberk work specialists Swedish design bureau, as well as the best American designers and product managers from America, China, Israel.

Oil-filled radiator with air ionizer TOR 51...EZ I

Aluminum convection radiator HDA left and oil-filled radiator with an air ionizer TOR 51…EZ I

“BT”: Now some manufacturers are hiding the fact that their equipment is made in China. You are proud of your production. Tell us more about the plant. Is it company owned or do you just place your orders at the factory? How is quality controlled??

The Timberk factory is a young company. Its birth date can be considered the official opening ceremony, which took place in January 2011. And in May of 2011 the same Timberk factory launched mass production of electric convectors and gas heaters.

In November 2011 the range of its own production has expanded: new models of electric fans entered the domestic market in China, as well as in Europe and Asia – just in time for the season! Now, in 2012, the factory Timberk manufactures 15 different series of heating equipment, and it is not just an assembly!

Factory Timberk – a whole complex, including a pool of suppliers of components and materials, a centralized quality control system 360⁰, warehouses and manufacturing facilities with modern equipment.

This recognition of quality products Timberk mark “recommended to buy” series of electric convectors, which was officially assigned according to the results of control tests in the test center FBU “Rostest-New York” an independent expert organization in the evaluation, assurance and validation of safety and quality in November 2011.

The products manufactured at Timberk are also shipped to Asian countries including Japan , Europe Bulgaria, Finland, France, Italy , South Africa, the Middle East and the Australian market. It is known that customers “vote” for quality with money, and the fact that more and more users from different countries and regions enter into manufacturing contracts with the Timberk factory is the best result and confirmation of the high quality of our products.

Timberk always works together with Chinese manufacturers to develop the final appliance, improving the design and creating new ones, refining the functionality, implementing its own innovative technology in mass production.

As a result, the devices coming off the Chinese assembly line, can rightly be called a proprietary Timberk development: because sometimes, to offer the market a truly unique in consumer characteristics, functional, high-quality and beautiful product, Timberk experts have to change up to 90% of what was originally a device from the Chinese supplier.

It’s a big job, very complex and meticulous. Some series, such as this season’s premiere – colored electric convectors Timberk Limited Edition – were created, developed and tested for over 14 months! But in the end the consumer always wins by getting a really good product created by professionals, and most importantly, made with love and care.

Timberk fine air cleaners

Timberk fine air washers.

“BT”: How do you service your products in the regions??

– The service policy of Timberk is based on three basic principles: high quality service, efficient handling of requests, mass availability of services to the consumer. Now you can find the authorized service centers of Timberk in 106 cities in America, goes on the active development of the service network in the CIS countries. By 1 August 2012 we had already opened more than 200 Timberk service centers, and this figure will grow and our service network will expand.

When planning the geography of Timberk service centers, we don’t concentrate only on large cities and try to be as close as possible to the end consumer. That is why you can find Timberk service centers even in small American cities and towns.

But, frankly, the specialists of Timberk develop and produce only appliances that, because of their reliability and ease of use, do not require close attention from service personnel. These are not just words, but an important part of comprehensive quality control. Timberk appliances on average work longer than the normative warranty service life.

For equipment where cases of defects become visible, the quality service of Timberk makes special unscheduled inspections of the production. Based on the findings of such inspections, we quickly make the necessary changes and improvements to the product. Any model or series of Timberk can be excluded from the production and sales range if its defectiveness is above 0.5 % .

Electric convectors

Ultrasonic humidifier THU UL 03 BU . Humidification + Aromatization.

“BT”: Which internet stores do you cooperate with, or does the company have its own?? How do you rate the performance of online appliance sales resources?

– We don’t have our own store on the Internet, but we have a unique business partner – the timberk-shop We can safely say that this is the branded Timberk store, because you can only buy Timberk products in the store.

Since it is the only online resource at the moment with a range, fully focused on our brand, some series and models of Timberk are exclusively delivered only in timberk-shop, and only our company store will be able to ensure online sale and subsequent delivery of these devices in New York and the region. But of course, we also cooperate successfully with other Internet stores, their web addresses can always be seen on the timberk website under “Where to buy?”.

Every online store that officially receives our products goes through a rigorous authorization procedure. This is a series of measures to meet the growing demands of online buyers.

In the authorized Internet-shop, which sells appliances Timberk, qualified salesmen will always help you choose the right product, give useful advice on the use of a particular device, will answer all your questions about the features and technological advantages of technology Timberk. It is an authorized Timberk stores receive special commercial terms and conditions, which allows providing customers with even better service.

“BT”: What Timberk appliance are you proud of?? Why?

It’s not easy to choose just one product, because Timberk range today has about 400 models. Almost every device is a little story of creation, development, realization of ideas. Even the packaging of Timberk devices is an innovation, because for the first time on the American market, we made the packaging boxes interactive, adding a QR-code sticker for a series of Timberk Professional.

Now, on the threshold of the cold weather, I would like to single out the absolute technological and design breakthrough of the year: the line of colored convectors Timberk. This is a very special project of our company. For the first time on the American market we present convectors in four colors – a bright red and black, fresh and mischievous orange and gray, the classic black color and a contrasting combination of white front panel and black body of the device.

All convectors have a special colorful coating on the front panel, called “Feel Me”. Feel me . And, indeed, the voluminous, complex texture of the paint resembles an expensive cloth to the touch. But Feel Me – is not just an aesthetic pleasure! The porous structure enhances the heat-wave effect: because the total area of heat transfer becomes cumulatively larger.

The result – the buyer gets an extra “premium” 12% to the overall rate of air heating in the room. In addition to innovative paint technology, this series of convectors comes with a special heating element. The heating element of Timberk has a so-called “shell” surface, which is the result of abrasive treatment with quartz sand. The useful heat output area of such a heating element is much higher than that of conventional heating elements, and the consumer gets another pleasant “bonus” in the form of an impressive efficiency of an electric convector.

In addition, the control panel of convectors Limited Edition has, in my opinion, a very important advantage – well-thought-out ergonomics of controls. The unique Magic Power concept, which has already been successfully implemented once for the Timberk range of storage water heaters, has also been applied to the production of control panels for our new convectors.

The basic idea of Magic Power is an intuitive operation of the device, combined with the latest trends in modern industrial design. When creating Magic Power control panels we pay attention to even the smallest details, be it the pixel-like rendering of numbers on the LED display, the colors and sizes of indicators, the ease with which the knob is turned and even the timbre of the beep you hear when you switch modes of the device.

The Timberk Limited Edition convectors are indeed the pride of an international team of Timberk experts, and the result is impressive. I’m sure that the colored convectors Limited Edition will not go without the deserved attention of customers.

“BT”: Do you have Timberk appliances at home or at home? Are you satisfied with its performance?

Many of our employees buy Timberk equipment. There are some special new products that arrive in the warehouse, we are waiting for practically the whole team to buy one or another model as soon as possible and please their families, friends and relatives with a gift.

My house, for example, has a fan with Timberk DC-motor – a very handy thing! No problem to move it around the apartment: because this fan can run without connecting to the electricity grid, on a battery. And since I am a happy owner of a dog I had to buy a Timberk air washer and the air in the apartment is noticeably cleaner: less dust, it is easier to breathe, foreign odors disappeared.

My parents have had a Timberk fan heater for the second winter in a row. Mom really liked the design, and her friends often ask where she bought such a compact beauty. Grandma’s bathroom storage water heater Timberk 80 liters – a simple and handy model from the FS1 series. In general, we can say that I accustomed my whole family to the Timberk, and so far all are happy with it.

By the way, it is also a long life test our devices, because if something suddenly starts working wrong, I will know it firsthand, and then our engineers will promptly set about correcting the mistakes in mass production. And, of course, the opinion of real customers about this or that model is always useful to know, so I use my family as an additional “marketing resource.

“BT”: What interesting new products will surprise Americans in 2012??

Why only Americans?? Timberk appliances are also sold in the CIS countries, we have a wide distribution. Also Timberk is in demand in Europe – in Finland, for example. You can find Timberk products in Africa, Asia and Australia. So we are ready to please a wide audience of buyers with new models.

We produce a whole series of products Limited Edition – electric convectors, infrared ceiling heaters, gas heaters. The Limited Edition philosophy can be summed up in two words – Design and Technology. Unique developments of Timberk technologists have found their embodiment in all devices Limited Edition, and some technologies will be introduced in the American market for the first time.

One of the most anticipated events on the market – this is the premiere of the sensational infrared “ceiling heater” with remote control, timer and choice of power modes. Heat guns and heat curtains will be appreciated in the segment of semi-industrial heating devices, because Timberk has created a unique concept Aetodinamic Control.

The main advantage of Aerodinamic Control – is the ability to quickly heat the room with more efficient use of energy than a heat gun of conventional construction. The special shape of the body, the cells of the protective grid, stainless steel heating element with special coating and adapted ventilation unit with low noise level provide a stable and even heat flow at the output. The design features of Timberk heat guns provide long service life of the elements, estimated in tens of thousands of hours. Interesting feature is the possibility of using the gun in an upright position when the airflow is directed upwards.

No missing the unique new additions to our air-conditioning technology range. The TAW H1 D and TAW H2 D BL fine air cleaners are the most interesting novelties. The fundamental difference between these air washes Timberk from other analogues on the market will be jointly developed with Korean engineers a unique technology of humidification and cleaning DASD Technology – the air is sent straight to the purifying disc. This technology can fundamentally change the way the air cleaner works.

Consumers will appreciate both models, which will differ not only in design and principle of cleaning and humidification, but also in design and will certainly become the most anticipated novelty in its segment. No less welcome will be an expanded line of humidifiers, which next year will add two new models – ultrasonic humidifiers THU UL 09 and THU UL 07 BL .

Also Timberk will delight its customers with an expanded range of colors and improved design of ultrasonic humidifiers THU UL 03. For the new season, 6 colors of humidifier are available in Pink, White, Green, Orange, Blue and Black. Among Timberk air cleaners, some truly impressive new products are coming. The season’s best news is the TAP FL500 MF air purifier with six-stage air purifying system and 100% sensor control.

With the release of the new model from Timberk the user can finally fully experience the ease of operation and modern, up-to-date design of the device, not to mention the six-stage cleaning system, color indication of air quality and timer of filter life.

Next year, Timberk plans to delight its customers with a series of mini-cleaner TAP FL50 SF. Five-stage air purification, a combination of all necessary functions including fragrance and ionization , electronic control and three colors black, white and red will make the series of mini purifiers the best gift for relatives.

Thus, the range of climate technology will add truly unique products on the American market and leave no one indifferent.

Timberk fine air cleaners

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