Thrustmaster introduces the first official steering system for PlayStation 4 – T80 – DriveClub Edition

New York, September 3, 2013. Fans of car racing games now have a unique driving experience and exceptional levels of performance thanks to the only official dual-licensed steering system for the PlayStation 4 PS4 – from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe SCEE and for DriveClub*, a next-generation racing game with a social context. This is Thrustmaster’s T80 – DriveClub Edition system.


Fully licensed for PlayStation 4

The T80 – DriveClub Edition limited edition steering system from Thrustmaster with an exclusive license for the DriveClub game on PS4 from Evolution Studios allows you to dive into a world of racing inimitable realism.

T80 – DriveClub Edition, the first official steering system for PS4, which is automatically recognized by the console. It offers a number of special features to help users make the most of the PS4’s new features: programmable hardware provides automatic recognition of the steering system by the PS4 console as well as Share, Options and PS buttons conveniently located right on the steering wheel. Use these buttons in the DriveClub game to show off your favorite racing moments to your friends and show off your impressive skills.

A steering system of unprecedented efficiency

The DriveClub Edition’s T80 steering system breaks all previous records and delivers unbeatable performance, with major upgrades. Among other things, the steering wheel offers a much wider steering angle than the minijoysticks of the game console, which means an immeasurably higher level of precision on the steering axis. Another great advantage of this steering system is the large 25 cm diameter wheel and its ergonomic design that gives you the best comfort in all your games. The side sections of the steering wheel are finished with a textured rubber coating, which means a firm grip and optimum driving comfort, smooth cornering and precise maneuvering. The T80 – DriveClub Edition’s steering system also offers an exceptionally realistic gaming experience – thanks to realistic linear resistance with automatic re-centering with Thrustmaster’s exclusive Bungee Cord technology.

A wide selection of steering wheel mounted controls for the T80 – DriveClub Edition features 11 function buttons, a multi-position D-pad button and sequential paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel 2 digital Up and Down shifters allow for very quick gear changes .

Centered steering system ensures absolute steering stability even during the most active gaming sessions. The large pedal box lets you adjust the angle of the pedals and lets you optimize acceleration and braking to suit your preferred driving style.

The T80 Steering System – DriveClub Edition will be available in a limited series with the release of the DriveClub game at a recommended retail price of €99.99 including VAT .

* Sold separately.

About DriveClub

DriveClub gives you the best of the racing subculture. DriveClub – a unique experience of total immersion in the world of motor racing. The thrill of racing the world’s most powerful and most beautiful cars with fantastic body and interior detailing awaits you. Enjoy the thrill of the race alone, or join a racing club and really get to know what DriveClub is all about. DriveClub game originally targeted at the next generation of gamers. It allows you to stay in constant communication with your friends so you can share experiences, send and receive tasks and keep track of your team’s performance.

DriveClub will be available to buy in retail stores and on the PlayStation Store. All the most stylish cars, tracks and places from all over the world. The result is a limitless range of racing and challenge possibilities, so you can show off your skills to your friends and the world. Participation in challenges and races raises the profile of the racer and his club, unlocking cars, tracks, events and races. After all, skilled racers get access to elite international races, where the prizes are already bigger and the competition is stronger.

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