Thomas Parkett Style XT: Cleaning in style in Germany

The German meticulousness and pedantry have long become “a household word”, the German quality of equipment is considered to be the standard. And what can be said about cleaning “the German way”?? Thomas Parkett Style XT, the premium vacuum cleaner with its patented Aqua-Box water filtration system and dry vacuuming option with dust bag

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Thomas Parkett Style XT premium vacuum cleaner with patented Aqua-Box water filtration system and dry vacuum cleaner with dust bag

Ordinary cleaning – general cleaning

What do most apartments and houses in Munich, any of Frankfurt or, say, the small provincial town of Würzburg have in common? That’s right, perfect cleanliness! How is this possible?? Do business, beautiful, well-groomed Germans wash, scrub and vacuum from morning till night?? Turns out they don’t: they just use the best equipment, which does the routine work faster and better. That’s why the most common vacuuming makes your home look like it’s been vacuumed!

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners


They wash everything – even the parquet. Clean water only

The question “to wash or not to wash” parquet is not relevant for owners of Thomas Parkett Style XT. Until the introduction of the new Thomas Parkett XT range, it was thought that only dry cleaning was possible for parquet and laminate, and then the tedious wiping of the floor with polishing cloths. German engineers at Thomas decided that you can and should clean your parquet, but you have to do it properly.

The unique AQUA Stealth nozzle with its special microfiber cushion gives you gentle care and cleans your hardwood floors with just clean water. Here’s how it works: when you press the spray lever, water wetting the “cushion”, when you release the lever, the water stops flowing into the nozzle. Move the nozzle away from you – at the same time you sweep up the dirt and moisten the parquet. Move it toward you – the parquet is washed and dried. And so on – site by site. Tested: clean and dry!

A special nozzle with a special felt base and natural bristles made of horsehair scrubs the debris out of the cracks and sucks it right in. For other types of flooring linoleum, carpet, tile using a nozzle for wet mopping. Thomas Parkett Style XT cleans the floor ONLY with clean water which is pumped under pressure from the special hose built in the nozzle and copes even with dried up dirt on any kind of floor covering and then it is sucked out by the powerful turbine. The result: clean, shiny floors and carpets are vacuumed to the pile, which then loosens. The carpet becomes bright and well-groomed. And all without rags, mops or buckets of dirty water. For emergencies, Thomas can clean up spills quickly.

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Vacuum cleaners

The Aquabox: the box with the secret

Like the other models in the XT series, the Thomas Parkett Style XT is equipped with the patented Aquabox water filtration system, which operates in dry cleaning mode. On the outside it is a plastic box with a lid and handle, but its internal structure is unique and patented.

The AquaBox first forces the air through a wall of water formed by four counter-jet nozzles, and then through a series of cleaning stages. The water wall wets every speck of dust and fur, making it heavy and sticking to other debris. The air is then blown into a mist of water droplets, where the droplets are swirled around in an airy micro-cyclone. Dust particles either settle on the soaking wet walls of the AquaBox or drop down into the water. The aqua box ensures the highest filtration efficiency 99.99% dust and 100% pollen and a clean return air. It is important that Thomas Aquabox does not operate on the bong principle, like the so-called “aquafilters” of some other manufacturers, where air simply flows through the water and only coarse dust remains.

It couldn’t be simpler!

The aquabox is unusually simple, convenient and practical to use. It is a sealed plastic container which you fill with 1 liter of tap water before cleaning. No skimmers and no chemicals. Cleaning the Waterbox after vacuuming is simple and takes only a few minutes: Just pour some clean water into the Waterbox, close the lid, shake and shake vigorously several times, pour out the dirty water, then rinse under the faucet.

The alternative for fast cleaning: an XXL-sized filter bag

Sometimes you need to get your vacuum cleaner up not just fast, but really fast: Kids run in with muddy sneakers, a cat just tossed a flower pot, or maybe you did spill something. In this case you can quickly insert a 6-litre filter bag into the vacuum cleaner instead of the Aquabox and instantly collect all debris in it.

German General Cleaning: even the air can be scrubbed

Surprisingly enough, the Aquabox ensures the highest quality of cleaning, not only on the surfaces, but also throughout the entire volume of the room: the emergence of humidified air. What it gives in practice? The simple thing: you vacuum your floors, furniture, and carpets while the clean, humidified air blowing out of the vacuum fills the dust particles that float in the air with moisture. They become heavy and drop down to the bottom, where they go straight to the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle. That way, no dust is left behind, not on the floor, not on the furniture, not in the air. Enjoy a room full of sunshine: no more dust floating around, and it’s easier on the air! The patented water filtration technology guarantees constant suction power throughout the entire cleaning cycle.

Thomas: Pure German speed

The model gives more freedom of movement when cleaning, moving easily in all directions, thanks to the improved wheels, which means that cleaning goes faster: for the practical Germans every minute counts! With a reach of 11 meters, a rotating hose and an extra long slotted nozzle 36 cm ! Help you get into all the farthest corners and crevices, and vacuum as far away from electrical outlets as possible. The Thomas Parkett Style XT’s strengths are its manoeuvrability and its ability to negotiate obstacles with ease. The front castors are heavy-duty, made for overcoming obstacles and the rear ones are rubber-coated to prevent scratches, even on the most delicate surfaces.

Problem-free storage

Speaking of time, we often waste time looking for the right attachments or figuring out where to best store our vacuum. The second problem is solved quite easily: the housing is quite compact and the vacuum cleaner can be stored horizontally or vertically, and it can also be placed vertically or horizontally. The many dry and wet-cleaning nozzles, and there are indeed many, are kept in the special Thomas bag, and the frequently used soft furniture nozzles and the crevice nozzle are stored in the special “slots” in the vacuum cleaner’s lid, so that they are always at hand. Thomas Parkett Style XT includes: switchable nozzle for dry cleaning of hard surfaces and carpets, nozzle with bristles from natural hair and felt for parquet and laminate, Aqua Stealth nozzle with 2 “pillows” of microfiber for wet cleaning of parquet and laminate, wide turbo brush, nozzle for soft furniture with thread-cleaner, 360 mm long extra wide slot nozzle, wet mopping nozzle with integrated switchable adapter for carpet and hard surfaces, wet mopping nozzle for upholstered furniture, Thomas ProTex carpet and floor cleaning concentrate.

Made in Germany. Style and quality in every detail

All Thomas appliances are designed and made only in Germany. Hence the German practicality and attention to detail. Like the moisture-proof electronic control buttons. All Thomas Parkett Style XT appliances are engineered and manufactured to last – and guarantee lasting, reliable, and safe use of your vacuum cleaner. The EPA fine filter does not need to be replaced for a long time at least 1 year , and in case of contamination can be cleaned under running water. Remote control on the handlebar eliminates the need to bend down to turn the vacuum cleaner on/off and select the power level.

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Technical Data

POWER: max capacity 1700 W.

DIMENSIONS: 486x318x306 m.

WEIGHT: 8 kg.

CARING ROOM: 11 meters.


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