Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact: nothing extra, just peusaect cleanliness

Getting to know the most “minimalist” vacuum cleaner in the Thomas range. After opening the box, we were surprised that there are not so many nozzles, only three. We are accustomed to the fact that Thomas models are equipped thoroughly, but here is clearly a completely different approach: there is only the most necessary, the buyer does not overpay for what he does not need, and can always buy any accessory additionally.


Compact vacuum cleaner with water filtration system Aquabox for dry vacuuming and suctioning liquid dirt

Vacuum cleaner is very beautiful: lacquered black body is decorated with stylish orange inserts, such a combination looks expensive and really decorates the interior. Perhaps the lovers of order and beauty will not ask: “Who left the vacuum cleaner here?”And “Where did you put the vacuum cleaner, bring it back right away?!”But it’s also easy to clean this compact model: it’s not bulky, even though it has an Aquabox, and it fits easily, for example, in a closet in the hallway.

We thought that in the design of this model paid a lot of attention to detail, which all together make using the technique easy and pleasant. For example, the vacuum cleaner lid closes smoothly and gently, the valve that secures the hose to the body is now marked orange and clicks easily, the handle is even more convenient, the suction force control valve on it opens and closes perfectly gently – and such little things that make up the concept of “ergonomics”, we counted a lot.

Test 1. Dry cleaning with the AquaBox. Floor/mopper: A test with a cat.


The first test was in a big 13 m² kitchen with tile floor. Before the test, we purposely did not clean the room for quite a long time – a week. In the kitchen it’s “alles kaput”. In addition, the task was given to everyone’s favorite – an extremely shaggy cat Timon – to walk around the house and dropping hair left and right so, by the way, not at all scared, not seeing turbo brushes in the kit . The cat obviously overdid it: the beginning of the test not only exceeded the norm of “shedding”, but also tore the bag with purchases, which resulted in dried chamomile flowers, salt and coffee on the floor.

So, let’s begin. As usual, we poured water into the Aquabox, chose the maximum we have a natural disaster! power, set the nozzle to the “floor” position – with the bristles extended. It gets the kitchen spotless in a couple of minutes, and the standard nozzle does a great job with litter and hair. We thought that we will have to clean the floor, but we didn’t need to.

There’s only one rug in the house and it’s a small one in the bathroom. But it’s “long-haired,” which means it’s a good litter collector. For the sake of purity, after cleaning with the Thomas, we just lifted it up over the tub and gave it a shake. The result is zero, not a crumb fell in the bathtub!

Looking ahead, we should say that no matter how much we were torturing the vacuum cleaner during the test, its power did not decrease – according to the manufacturer, it is the merit of Aquabox.

Test 2. 3D Cleaning or Breathe, Don’t Breathe

Let’s notice that our “star” cat’s hair structure reminds of down. And that fluff was naturally floating in the air. Well, after cleaning with AquaBox there was no sign of him in the air for a very long time! This is explained by the fact that during cleaning with AquaBox, the vacuum cleaner releases only purified and humidified air outside, and all the dust particles hovering in it are filled with moisture and “go down. Once on the floor or other surfaces, it hits the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle – so it cleans the entire volume of the room, not just the floor.

All of us who were there before and after cleaning noted that it was easier to breathe. “You can feel the cleanliness in the air, it just smells like spring!”expressed the general idea our operator by the way the video review of the model can be seen on our site bt-test

Test 3. Editor’s Column



I have a weakness – I love technique my profession requires it , and technique needs care. The last of my little attachments – a small but rather expensive audio speaker, which “lives” in the kitchen and for which periodically scares: in this room there is more chance to get dirty than in the whole apartment! To clean it is always a problem, that’s what the “magic brush” is for! The first test we did was in a big 13 m² tiled kitchen, which was equipped with a special soft and long bristle brush, which gently cleans appliances, furniture, books and spasms. The working surface is the “brush” itself – it can rotate and has 4 positions, it is not difficult to find the right one. You can use it to clean computer keyboards, grills and speakers of all kinds. In a few seconds the speaker was as good as new and – maybe it seems that way to me – even sounded in a new way! And the computer keyboard got it: it was also cleaned.

Test 4. Cleaning “water-based liquids”

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

That’s the name the manual gives to liquid dirt, which means that if you’ve spilled tea or coffee, stepped on wet and muddy shoes, or anything else like that, the Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact is the answer. We smiled at the wording “water-based,” but then we realized it was necessary: you have to realize that you can’t vacuum up oil or flammable liquids.

Can pump up to 2L of liquid with the Aquabox empty and with anti-spill protection on the motor . By the way, we checked – indeed, if the liquid is more than 2 liters, the vacuum cleaner shuts down. Therefore it is necessary to remember that if it is necessary to collect a lot of liquid, the Aquabox must be empty.

Note that the liquid is sucked up instantly – this is particularly well reflected in the video review. If it is a puddle, it is better to clean it without the nozzle, and if the dirt – it is with the nozzle, and no need to switch modes: vacuuming dry debris, then immediately – liquid dirt and again dry.

Test 5. AquaBox Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Interesting that the manual now describes two ways to clean the Aquabox – if it is dirty moderately and very dirty. With our efforts it seemed that it would be very dirty and additional measures would be needed, but it was not: we just filled it up with 1 liter of water, shook it up and poured the dirty water into the toilet. And we used a disposable towel to wipe the lid off the hairs that have stuck to it. All!

The biggest plus, also for allergy sufferers, is that when cleaning the Aquabox there is no contact with dry dust: no risk that it will fly in different directions or get even a little bit into the airways. And of course there’s savings to be had: no more wastepaper bags to buy.

Vacuum cleaners


POWER: max 1600 watts, suction 320 watts.

FILTERING SYSTEM: water filtration system Aquabox with Wet Jet water wall, exhaust microfilter, washable HEPA-13 fine filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: electronic adjustment of power on the case Touch Tronic , weatherproof buttons with light indication of power modes, mechanical suction power adjustment on the handle special valve .

INCLUSION: the main switchable nozzle “floor scrubber”, brush nozzle for furniture and equipment 4 positions , crevice nozzle 220 mm .

CONSTRUCTION: Aquabox container with splash protection insert, stainless steel telescopic tube, Easy Drive 360° rollers, vertical and horizontal parking, automatic cord reeling, cord length 6m, range 9m, vertical tube parking on the body.

DIMENSIONS: 318x467x294mm. WEIGHT: 6.9 kg.

Country of Origin: Germany.

PRICE: 14 990 Dollars.



Vacuum cleaners

Great cleaning results with minimal attachments and an overall compact model. No vacuum cleaner. Hygienic cleaning of the Aquabox, eliminating contact with dust. General ergonomics. The ability to pick up spills and liquid dirt. Compact size, maneuverability, excellent filtration system, cool and handy brush head, electronic and mechanical vacuum power adjustment, elegant design.

The button is too tight, after cleaning it is necessary not to forget to pour out the dirty water and rinse the Aquabox.


Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

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