They don’t deny love. Phonak Audeo PFE 232 headphones: a peusaectly comfortable drive

Is it possible to go without Swiss chocolate? Or without Swiss cheese or Swiss watches? If only Switzerland itself would set sail for the moon… Here are the Swiss Phonak headphones, which decided to settle the score with the market, from the same line. I could certainly shed a few tears as I continue this farewell saga of products from the leading Swiss hearing healthcare company, but something tells me I won’t be shedding a man’s tear for the rest of my life. Never deny love… Today on our menu is Phonak Audeo PFE 232 dual-driver in-ear headphones. And it’s a perfectly comfortable drive, which can’t disappear without a trace even on the moon.

Thank you online store for providing a sample for listening.

Phonak Audeo
Phonak Audeo
Phonak Audeo
Audio equipment


Transducer: 2* Balance Armature

Sensitivity: 109 dB/mW

Resistance: 47 ohms

Frequency range: 5-17000 Hz

Cable length: 1.2 m. Two cables, with and without microphone

Warranty: 12 months.

Appearance and ergonomics

The headphones come in a nice white cardboard box, which shows the model PFE 232 itself, the parting pattern and the logo, everything is as it should be. Inside we find: headphones, interchangeable cable with microphone suitable for products from Apple , three pairs of silicone tips L M S, three pairs of foam tips of different sizes, a tool for cleaning the sound tube, a set of replacement acoustic filters different colors and different resistance , carrying/carrying pouch for storage carrying headphones, ear pads for more comfortable wearing, and various instructions, papers.

Like the younger models PFE 012, PFE 111 Phonak PFE 232 has a fantastic comfort. They’re just made for convenience. The headphones are made of plastic, all neat, with taste, quality of materials and workmanship above all praise. Two cables: regular 1.2mm, and with microphone/volume control, of similar length. Designed to be worn behind the ear. Promised PFE Perfect Fit Earphones , made – “Perfectly comfortable headphones!

Phonak Audeo


Listening was conducted on the MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, MyST PortaDAC 1866OCUB, Hifiman HM-601 LE and QLS qa-360, Hidizs AP100MM.

The tonal balance of the headphone depends on the acoustic filters. With green filters, the sound is warmer and bassier. The middle one is a little off. With the black and gray filters, the sound is more balanced. But with the black ones the sound is a little bit muddy. Out of the whole set black, green, gray , I still chose the gray ones. It gives the clearest, smoothest sound.

Unlike the younger model, the sound of PFE 232 seems more emotional. The bass is quantitatively emphasized, but there are no complaints about the quality of the bass. It has a good speed response, does not cut into the rest of the frequency range and gives the sound volume characteristic of headphones with multiple armature drivers.

As a result we get fast, clear, crisp sound with some coloring and good detail, with rather intelligible midrange and solidly defined, lifted bass. The treble is similar to that of the younger model, they are not affected, which is certainly a joy. So, we add emotionality and volume to the analytical characteristic of the younger model. And we get the PFE 232.

The tweeters are clear and detailed.

HF – Every sound, every instrument is clearly delineated in space. Good intelligibility and detail.

Bass – decent punch, good speed characteristics, the bass is slightly elevated relative to the rest of the frequency range, which gives the sound a tasteful “zest” and volume.

Phonak Audeo
Phonak Audeo


The model turned out to be very musical. The question is whether you’re willing to overpay for these changes? Although here the manufacturer has made an interchangeable cable, if you want you can turn the headphones into a headset, which is also an important point. But I would advise to listen to the younger and the older model and then make your choice.

The price for the remaining Phonak Audeo PFE 232 in American online stores is about 14 000 Dollars, I think this is quite humane.

Sound, appearance, comfort.


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