There are two SIM-cards in ViewSonic ViewPhone smartphones.

New York – February 27, 2012. – ViewSonic Corporation has announced the release of new smartphones running the Android operating system with two SIM cards: ViewPhone 4e, 4s and ViewPhone 5e. Mobile World Congress will be the first European trade show to showcase the new ViewSonic ViewPhone 3 smartphone, announced in January 2012. ViewSonic’s new family of products, designed with business and travel users in mind, provides enhanced functionality for managing personal and business communications using a single compact device.

ViewPhone 5e smartphone

ViewSonic is the expert in dual SIM phones

ViewSonic offers a wide range of dual-SIM smartphones with screens ranging from 3.5″ to 5″, targeting a variety of user groups with different needs. Corporation systematically aims to become the leading manufacturer in the segment of smartphones with two SIM cards.

80% growth in two years – according to Strategy Analytics research group, 206 million SIM cards will be sold worldwide in 2014. of handheld devices with two SIM cards, while in 2010 their sales amounted to 41 million.

Demand for dual SIM phones is expected to continue to grow as users increasingly use one mobile device for both personal and professional purposes. Such a device makes it possible to use two cards with different services at the same time without having to carry two phones.

The numbers, data, and card accounts will be different. In addition, frequent travelers can use different data plans in different countries, which helps save on expensive roaming charges and simplifies management of mobile communications.

ViewSonic dual SIM smartphones come preloaded with features to help you make the most efficient and optimal use of your smartphone. These include SRS TruMedia, which improves and optimizes mobile sound quality. PicSel Smart Office provides full editing capabilities for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and is also an effective tool for viewing Adobe PDF documents and images.

If necessary, smartphone users can view and edit files stored in remote services, such as DropBox and Google Docs, as well as print documents directly from the mobile device using wireless printers.

Thanks to the business card reader function, you can instantly transfer information from your business card to your contacts, simply by taking a picture with the built-in camera. The Ignition Remote Access tool allows users to remotely control their computers PC or Mac from any Android device via WiFi or 3G.

“ViewSonic’s dual-SIM smartphones are the ideal solution for corporate markets, frequent travelers, international students, or anyone who wants to stay in touch with friends or family when traveling abroad.

We developed these phones, taking into account the needs of users and it is important that, despite the technical complexity of such devices, their broad functionality, at the same time, it is easy for the user and an effective way of everyday communication,” – says Inna Sorokina, head of ViewSonic representative office in CIS countries.

ViewPhone 4s

ViewPhone 4s is a dual SIM smartphone with a wide 3.5″ Multi-Touch screen running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It features an ultra-clear IPS panel with wide viewing angles.

The ViewPhone 4s is notable for its fast performance, 5 MP rear camera and a VGA front camera, making it the ideal solution for video telephony, as well as for its innovative one-piece design, which extends the life of the phone.

ViewPhone 4s display with 960 by 640 pixels, 326 pixels/inch, 800:1 contrast ratio, and 500 cd/m2 brightness ensures high-quality images with a high degree of detail.

Like other ViewSonic smartphones, the ViewPhone 4s offers users the benefits of dual-SIM support. The SIM-cards are easily personalized: the user can select different ringtones, ring tones, message ringtones, each SIM-card has its own contact list and clearly identifies which message belongs to which list.

ViewPhone 4s Android smartphone also supports the multitasking function Multitasking , allowing users to multi-task, such as talking on the phone, at the same time downloading a file.

Each SIM-Port allows to perform independent tasks at the same time. This is an ideal solution for customers who are interested in a stylish handheld device with high performance and quality. In Europe, the smartphone will be on sale in the second quarter of 2012.

ViewPhone 5e

ViewSonic ViewPhone 5e is the first 5″ multi-touch capacitive smartphone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, unveiled at MWC. WVGA 800×480 WVGA screen offers realistic, high-quality images.

This dual-SIM phone isn’t your standard smartphone. It comes with the PicSel Smart Office package, which provides full editing capabilities for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and is also an effective tool for viewing Adobe PDF documents and images.

And the ViewPhone 5e doesn’t stop there: users can also view and edit files in the cloud, such as DropBox and Google Docs.

The device also has a business card reader and a corresponding application. The ultimate dual-SIM smartphone for business and personal use. The smartphone will be available in Europe in the third quarter of 2012.

ViewPhone 4e

The ViewSonic Viewphone 4e is an entry-level smartphone with a 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen and only 10.3 mm thick. At the same time, it is a phone with two active SIM cards.

The device runs on Android 2 operating system.3 Gingerbread and allows you to use two networks simultaneously. ViewPhone 4e is equipped with 650 MHz processor, capacitive HVGA screen, 3 MP camera with fixed focus.

With a unique one-piece design and longer battery life than competitive models. The perfect choice for those who want a high quality device with multimedia player and smartphone for travel at a reasonable price. In Europe it will go on sale in the second quarter of 2012.

ViewPhone 3

ViewPhone 3 Dual SIM smartphone allows users to split work and personal calls, gives more freedom and privacy with dual-network support, including GSM, EDGE and HSDPA.

Features a 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen and 5-megapixel camera. 800MHz Qualcomm processor and Android 2 operating system.3 provide its owners with powerful functionality. ViewPhone 3 goes on sale late Q1 2012.

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