The winner of the Electrolux Ideas Lab innovation contest has been announced

Global appliance leader Electrolux announced Watch Yourself as the winner of the international Electrolux Ideas Lab innovation competition. Watch Yourself – a wrist gadget that scans food right from the supermarket shelf and offers you recipe options as a projection on your palm.

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Electrolux launched a renewed international innovation competition, Ideas Lab, in August to find answers to the question, “How can we inspire people around the world to enjoy tastier and healthier home cooking in the future??” During the first phase of the contest, more than 40,000 people voted and selected the top 10 ideas. In the second phase a jury of professionals and Electrolux experts determined the winner out of 10 lucky winners.

The winner was Hannes Lung, a product design student from Estonia. Thanks to his Watch Yourself idea, which can make shopping easier and also inspire people to eat healthier, he will receive a cash prize of &euro 10,000 and an invitation to spend a VIP week in Stockholm. This was a great opportunity to meet Electrolux executives and experts, as well as to speak with the creators of the most successful start-ups in Scandinavia.

MaryKay Kopf, Electrolux Marketing Director and jury member.“With the Electrolux Ideas Lab our goal was to tap into the creativity of our customers, to celebrate creative ideas and to give them a chance to be realised. The winning concept captivated us with its holistic approach the creator was able to put himself in the shoes of the consumer, help him store for food and manage the complex process of family life. WatchYourself is the gadget everyone dreams of.”

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Electrolux Ideas Lab Top 10 Ideas

The Electrolux Ideas Lab competition gathered a range of ideas from smartphone apps, food sharing programs, innovative recipe collections, new kitchen tools and tips to full-fledged business models.

Developments in 3D printing have become the most advanced trend, and gamification has added a gaming element. We saw a real abundance of apps, with features ranging from food sharing to ingredient control – there were also new approaches to modern foods, as well as insights into the future of food communities and networks.

The jury selected the 50 best ideas from 27 countries in a public vote, and the public voted on the top 10 ideas. In the final step, after analyzing the proposals of the finalists, the Electrolux Ideas Lab jury selected the final winner of the competition.

Among nine other finalists:

  1. YouCook A smartphone app that’s supposed to help people cook delicious meals at home using the ingredients you already have.
  2. VegiPrinter A food printer that allows you to stick to a vegetarian diet without giving up meat flavors.
  3. Galef A smart, high-tech bottle that informs about the quality of the drink and sugar consumption.
  4. Tick-Tech Clip Who among us hasn’t taken food out of the fridge, only to realize it’s expired? That may soon change.
  5. Taze An app for mobile devices and desktops that helps you cook delicious meals with every ingredient from your fridge.
  6. Panda 3D food printer for those who want to change their way of eating without changing their habits.
  7. KitchenBook By making cooking more social, people can share findings and enjoy culinary creativity together.
  8. LunchBox A food-sharing network allows chefs to create gourmet meals for busy people who want to, eat “like home.
  9. Cooquit An app that connects people who love to cook and those who love to eat. As a result, the former can share their talents with the latter.

You can see the winning video of the Watch Yourself project at this link:

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