The washing machine of my dreams. From this review

Today the market of washing machines is unusually wide, it takes into account the capabilities and requirements of different groups of consumers. All washing machines are divided into groups according to price, size, functionality, design, etc.d. Note that today on the American market, represented more than 25 Western manufacturers and about 5-7 American. So there is plenty of choice.

In this article we would like to help those who want to choose a new washing machine, and consider all suitable options – for large and not so large apartments.

Washing machine has enough space?


At the beginning of the review let us say a few words for potential buyers of full-sized machines. If the area of your bath or kitchen is such that it can accommodate a full-sized machine, then choose it.

Full-sized machines are available from almost every manufacturer. Moreover, some of the more expensive and prestigious brands like AEG only have full sized machines in the range.

The full-sized machine is usually better equipped and, all other things being equal, costs less than the smaller machine.

As a full-sized washing machine is considered a washing machine, the dimensions of which Height x Width x Depth are 85x60x60 cm. These values may vary somewhat plus or minus 2-7 cm , but it will not have a fundamental value.

A full-sized machine is a big machine, and it takes a lot of space. Plus it additionally requires free space in front for easy opening of the door front-loading machines . Note that in most modern models, the door opening angle is 180 degrees.

You can also pay attention to washing machines with vertical loading. In America, they are less popular, but still have a certain market share about 20% .

Machines are divided into groups. Price

The price will be a determining factor in selection of a full-size machine. As a rule, in case of full-size machines, the price corresponds to the functionality and quality, that is, a model for 10,000 Dollars is clearly inferior to a machine for 20,000 or 30,000 Dollars, although the prestige of the brand contributes its share to the cost of the machine.

Washing machines can be divided into price groups. Note that this division is very relative, since one manufacturer may have in its range as a model for 10 000 p, and for 30 000 p. And yet in this review we will be guided by the overall positioning of the brand.

To the low price category include all washing machines made in America “Atlant”, “Vyatka”, “Evgo”, “Rolsen”, “Feya” , the price of which is 9 000 to 11 000 Dollars.

In this category may include more expensive models 11 000 – 14 000 rub. Italian Ardo, Candy, some models Indesit, almost all models of Turkish Beko and Korean LG and Samsung. Note that the latter are now on the market and present models in the high price category.

The middle price range 14,000-20,000 r includes Italian brands Zanussi, Ariston, Slovak Gorenje, American Whirlpool, French Brandt and German Kaiser.

Note that in the range of these manufacturers can also meet expensive models up to 30,000 .

The next price group 17 000 – 39 000 p represent the German Bosch, the Swedish Electrolux, the British Hoover.

The high price category is represented by German Siemens 18,000 – 46,000 p and AEG up to 50,000 p , Swedish Asko from 25,000 to 35,000 p .

It is necessary to note separately presented in the American market German machines Miele. These machines can generally be called a luxury, their price starts from 35 000 p. As for the upper mark, and 75 000 p is not the limit. Note that their functionality is really high, and the service life of 20 years. Spread the total cost over this time, it turns out not so expensive.

Washing machine less – washing more expensive


Let us now turn to the case when there is no place to put a full-sized machine. In this case, the following options are possible: machines with vertical loading or front-loading machines with reduced dimensions in depth narrow and super narrow or height compact .

Common disadvantages of smaller machines

On the smaller machines, the drum volume is reduced. The first obvious consequence of this is reduced loading volume. But this is not all.

Drum volume is directly related to wash quality: the smaller the drum, the lower the washing efficiency and the more wrinkled the laundry. This is only a general trend, while many manufacturers produce small machines with washing class A.

Some washing programs, for example, “hand washing of wool” involves washing a small volume loading when washing wool is 1/3 of the total load in a large amount of water, when the product is shaken by gentle movements of the drum.

So it is difficult to implement such an algorithm in small machines, and if they can, then the quality of this program will be inferior to similar in full-sized models.

Oddly enough, the small-sized machines are less energy efficient this unit is calculated per kg of laundry .

The maximum spin speed, provided in small machines, of course, depends on the manufacturer, but usually not high – 800-1000 rpm./min. this is quite enough for a quality spin , although you can occasionally find higher speed models.

The choice of undersized models with dryer is very limited. Recall that the drying load volume is half of the maximum load volume, i.e. you can dry 2kg with a maximum load of 4kg. In this case, in drying mode the machine consumes a lot of electricity. And the mechanism itself is complicated and difficult to implement in a small-sized machine.

Why do the French load the laundry from the top??


Narrow washing machines – the first step in reducing the size in depth . Today this class of machines is quite popular.

Dimensions. Narrow refers to washing machines, the depth of which the distance from the front to the back panel is reduced to 44-54 cm compared to the standard depth of 54-62 cm . With that, the other dimensions height and width are the same as of the full-size models.

Loading. Decreasing the depth inevitably leads to a reduction in the drum volume and, consequently, the loading volume to 3.5 kg Vyatka – 5.2 kg Samsung . In most models, the loading volume is 4.5-5 kg.

The range. Narrow machines today can be found in the range of almost all manufacturers, except for expensive brands, such as AEG, Asko and some others.


  • all the advantages of machines with front loading you can put something on top, you can build it in, although in the case of narrow ones it is not so relevant
  • space saving
  • it is possible to buy models with dryer Ariston, Candy, Indesit .


  • reduced loading volume.

The super narrow ones are not expensive

Super narrow machines are the best way to solve the problem of free space.

Dimensions. Super narrow are machines, the depth of which is less than 40 cm, height and width coincides with the dimensions of full-sized machines.

Loading. Slim models have a load capacity of 3.5 kg and some brands have a load capacity of 4 kg.

Assortment. The number of manufacturers introducing super-small machines to the market today is growing. It should be noted that there are no super narrow models in the range of expensive brands, such as Bosch-Siemens, AEG, Asko, Miele, etc.d. There are two reasons for this.

First, this technique is expensive, targeted at people without housing problems.

Secondly, in small-sized machines it is more difficult to implement developed technologies, in particular, to achieve a high washing class one of the reasons is the small drum volume and t. d., Therefore, a quality small-sized machine from such manufacturers would cost very, very expensive .


  • In a cramped bathroom, the top surface may well serve as an additional shelf
  • Significant savings in space.


  • A greatly reduced loading volume
  • generally lower washing quality
  • generally higher energy consumption
  • Most models have a mechanical control
  • no models with dryer technically almost impossible .

Babies will fit everywhere


compact washing machines are produced by only a few manufacturers. These models are designed for those who do not have space even for a narrow machine, and the only place where it will fit is under the sink.

Dimensions. Compact machines have reduced all dimensions, but special attention is paid to the height, which is reduced to 68-70 cm compared to the standard height of 85-90 cm. The width is reduced to 47-50 cm, the depth to 43-45 cm.

Loading. The loading volume of compact machines is 3 kg.

The range. Manufacturers of compact washing machines can be counted on one hand. These are Candy Aquamatic series , Electrolux, Zanussi. Let us separately note the Eurosoba washing machines, the manufacturer of which specializes in this group of machines, presenting three models, the main difference of which is the spin speed.


  • maximum space saving due to smallest size. In some cases, this is the only way to install a washing machine in your home.


  • buying a compact machine almost always requires installing a sink with a flat bottom and with an offset drain compacts do not fit under regular sinks, the drain gets in the way otherwise, if the machine protrudes from under the sink, there is a high probability of water getting there
  • The smallest loading volume
  • Not the highest quality washing no higher than class B
  • all models with mechanical controls
  • minimal set of programs
  • there are no models with dryer impossible .
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