The VT-2350 humidifier from VITEK

To protect the air in the room area up to 25 m2 from dehumidification under the influence of air conditioning or heating radiators capable ultrasonic humidifier VITEK VT-2350 with a rated power of 28 W. You can control it from your smartphone, via Wi-Fi, using the Tuva Smart app, or manually adjust the operation of the device on the LED touchscreen.


For special ease of use the humidifier has a large water tank capacity of 3.5 liters water consumption is 250 ml/h . You can select the intensity of the air intake and make use of the air scenting function to give the room a particularly pleasant atmosphere. The humidifier is reliable and durable in operation, also due to the presence of a ceramic filter for water softening, which prevents the formation of limescale. The built-in humidistat automatically controls the humidity level in the room 45-90% , so you can set the timer up to 8 hours and enjoy the fresh air during the day or night. Buy ultrasonic humidifier VITEK VT-2350, which will create the ideal “weather” in the house in any season!

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