The THOMAS PARKETT PRESTIGE XT vacuum cleaner test: my mother-in-law says you can wash your parquet!

The whole family was excited about the new THOMAS PARKETT PRESTIGE XT. Me, because there is no dust on the floor or in the air for a long time after cleaning with the Aquabox the children, because I love working with THOMAS myself and don’t make them vacuum and my husband, because his beloved mother-in-law betrayed him and admitted that you can wash parquet!


POWER: 1700 Watt max.

OPPORTUNITIES: dry vacuuming with AquaBox, dry vacuuming with dust bag, wet vacuuming, vacuuming spills.

FILTERING: multi-stage water filtration Aqua-Box, washable EPA filter, micro-filter for exhaust air. EPA fine filter lasts for at least a year and can be cleaned under running water if dirty.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: 4-stage adjustable electronic control of power radio control of power on the handle watertight electronic control buttons power switch, water pump on/off eco-mode light indication of power levels mechanical adjustment of airflow on the handle.

CONSTRUCTION: 2 L tank for liquid collecting obstacle-free front wheels big-diameter rear wheels with rubber rims automatic cord rewind 8 m cord length 12 m working radius 2 nozzle storage sockets on body stainless steel telescopic tube cords with 360° rotation.

SPECIES OF THE MODEL: Clean Light nozzle with LED-lighting, Aqua Stealth wet mopping nozzle for parquet, radio control on the handle.

DIMENSIONS: 486h318h306 mm. WEIGHT without accessories : 8 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



Vacuum cleaners


When you look at the package, you realise how much more this vacuum cleaner can do. Switchable Clean Light nozzle “floor scrubber” is universal and is used for everyday cleaning, but its special feature in this particular model is bright LED backlight: it runs on “finger” batteries and turns on automatically. This is a very presentable feature, as the lion’s share of the appliances appliances clean underneath the furniture and in the corners.

Vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

For the parquet and laminate floor care there are 2 accessories: the dry cleaning nozzle with the natural hair pile and felt, and the “zest” of this very model – Aqua Stealth with the microfiber “pillow” for wet cleaning of parquet and laminate: there are two such “pillows” in the set. Interestingly, this vacuum cleaner could well be called a “Cat&Dog”, as it is equipped with a special nozzle for cleaning pet hair – a wide turbo brush for carpets.

Vacuum cleaners
Technics for the home

In addition, there is a nozzle for upholstered furniture with thread lifter. For wet mopping, we got 2 spray nozzles: a big carpet nozzle with an adapter for hard surfaces and a small nozzle for wet cleaning of upholstered furniture, as well as THOMAS ProTex concentrate for general carpet and floor cleaning. 360mm long slotted nozzle extends to all nooks and crannies. All this wealth is compactly stored in a handy branded bag, and the two most commonly used nozzles – crevice and for upholstered furniture – are installed in special “sockets” on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

The package of vacuum cleaner was one surprising thing that came as a surprise to us, and it is very convenient: a 6-liter dust bag. And when you put it in place of the Aquabox, you get a quick dry-cleaning job, like when you spill something or need to get the “sand” from the shoes in the hallway, and you don’t have to fill the Aquabox with water because of that.

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming


Power Control

THOMAS PARKETT PRESTIGE XT has four power levels, including an eco-mode, which is activated by default. Very convenient that the electronic regulator of power is not only on the body, but also on the handle: you can, without bending over, turn on and off the device, adjust the power with a soft button radio control, located just under your thumb.

There is also a mechanical valve on the handle that helps you reduce the suction power when needed without changing the power. When you turn the vacuum cleaner off and then back on, it automatically selects the previously set mode, which is helpful when you are pausing to clean. The big blue light switch on the damp vacuum cleaner is used to turn on the water pump when wet cleaning.

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The patented Aquabox water filtration system

Aquabox it’s a new aquafilter with a lid has a splash protection, so even if you pull the vacuum cleaner sharply in the process of cleaning, the filters and mechanism will not be damaged – the main thing is not to pour water over the permissible level, which is clearly marked.

Let’s check the main claims of the manufacturer. One: “After cleaning, the system is easy to clean: you just pour 1 liter of clean water into it, shake it a few times, and pour it out”.

I have two cats in my house and they get a lot of hair. After the first cleaning, the Aquabox contained HUNDREDS of crumpled wet wool and all the dirt that could not be cleaned the first time around by adding water and shaking it: I had to remove the wool by hand. But we understood the uselessness of our old vacuum cleaner, which we use in the breaks between the devices that come to the test: it is 2 days after cleaning with it we have a full AquaBox and it is 1 liter ! Wet felting!

The control test was carried out in 3 days: we again vacuumed all apartment with Aquabox, after cleaning we opened the aquafilter to estimate the scales of the collected hair, and having seen that it was WAY less, we did all according to the instruction: we filled a liter of water, shook and poured. Easy, no dirty hands, but there was a lot of grime inside.

We did it again. Voila – it’s clean! Cleaning it in 2 minutes. Of course, if you have pets in the house, you can use the Turbo Brush, and then some of the hair gets caught on the rollers. But it’s more convenient to use turbo brushes for carpets, and we don’t keep them, besides, one of our cats is short-haired.

The second statement: “Cleaning with the Aquabox ensures cleaning of the entire volume of the room: due to the fact that the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner is moistened, the dust floating in the air is deposited on the surface, where it will be “met and sucked in by the nozzle. Without much analysis, we can say that this is true. The result is immediately visible, especially in the light: no dust floating in the air, and you can breathe better – as if you have been mopping in a humid environment. But most importantly – this feeling of clean, dust-free air lasts for 2-3 days.

Claim three: “The aqua box provides stable suction power throughout the cleaning process.”. In fact, the Aquabox is a cyclonic system: air flows through it unimpeded, especially since water and collected dirt fill about a third of the container volume, unlike bag-based dust collection systems, where as the bag fills, airflow paths get blocked and suction power gradually decreases. During all the cleanings, which we conducted with Aquabox at least 10, and the area of the apartment is 60m²! , we never once felt that the vacuum cleaner has become worse suction.

Technology for the home

The Aqua Stealth Aqua Stealth nozzle with special microfiber “cushion”

The manufacturer instructs in detail how to clean your parquet with clean water using this nozzle: “When you press the spray lever, water wets the “cushion” when you release the lever, water stops flowing into the nozzle. Move the nozzle away from you, it simultaneously cleans and wets your parquet. Move in – the parquet is washed and dried. If you follow the instructions, you get a clean and immediately dry floor, square by square.

Our results: not to diminish, not to add. And it worked, our laminate not parquet, but also a wood floor, which requires gentle care washed and shiny. The only BUT: to wash a room of 18 sq. m., we had to add water to the clean water tank once its volume is 1.8 liters, which is good for compactness of the vacuum cleaner but not enough for washing large areas and pour dirty “used” water from the Aquabox, which collects liquid in a wet mopping once, respectively. Although all this is done quickly and easily.


Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

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    Does the THOMAS PARKETT PRESTIGE XT vacuum cleaner really allow you to wash parquet floors? I’m curious to know if this feature is effective and safe for the flooring.

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