The test robot-vacuum cleaner iClebo POP YCR-M05: 6 sessions of cleanliness in my apartment

We have already tested the “big brother” of this model –

iClebo ART robot vacuum cleaner

, And what can a simpler and more affordable model, what advantages and disadvantages it has?

Robot vacuum cleaners

iClebo POP YCR-M05 robot vacuum cleaner


Noise LEVEL: 50-60dB.

FILLING: HEPA filter for antibacterial and gentle cleaning.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: Remote control on/off, choice of programs and functions, the choice of direction of movement of the robot, the forced return of the robot to the base for recharging, setting the time and cleaning timer , widescreen LED-display. Battery level display, selectable cleaning time 15, 30, 90 min, max. time until the battery is completely empty , activation of programs and functions, possible errors and problems in operation. Infrared sensors, height difference sensor, overcoming thresholds up to 18 mm high, automatic recharging function

CHARGE TIME: 90 minutes.

BATTERY: Li-lon.

CLEANING TIME: up to 160 min max. One battery life .

CONSTRUCTION: plastic container for dusting 0,6 l, built-in silicone scraper, removable main and side brushes, the location of the bristles at an angle to the base, rubber base side brush provides durability brushes .

INCLUDING: Charging base, remote control, round main brush, 1 “helicopter” side brush, cleaning brush, 2 spare antibacterial filters, adapter for charging from the network, “mop” base, 2 cleaning microfiber cloths for “mop.

COLOR: lemon black with yellow , magic colorful .

MOTION SPEED: 30 cm/sec.

dimensions: 350 × 89 mm.

WEIGHT: 2.8 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 21,900 Dollars.


“Behind shoulders” we have a lot of tests of vacuum cleaners-robots of different price categories and capabilities, so a certain assessment of the model can be given even before you start using it. First, it is “Korean”, developed by the Korean company Yujin Robot and assembled in a factory in South Korea, which in most cases means excellent build quality, reliability and durability.

YUJIN Robot iClebo
YUJIN Robot iClebo
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Robot vacuum cleaners

Secondly, the lithium-ion battery has many advantages over nickel-metal hydride batteries: it charges faster, discharges slower, lasts several years, and is less harmful to the environment.

Thirdly, the functionality and therefore the control is very simple, nothing unnecessary: you do not overpay for what you do not need and do not go into the complexity and intricacies of management – they just do not exist, all elementary.

Fourthly, the robot has a height of only 89 mm – this is one of the best indicators to date, many models are higher by only a few mm, but it prevents them to go under the furniture on low legs. Also liked the fact that the power supply hides in the base, you can also put the excess electrical wire in there.

In addition, the base stores the brush to clean – will not get lost, and the base itself has a non-slip base – that is not change its position in space, which is important for the orientation of the robot. It seems to be a trifle, but it is attention to details that distinguishes quality equipment from the “knock-offs”. About the quality and production is not only for a particular country and says the presence of automatic voltage switch, which means the device can operate in a country with any voltage network 110-240 W .


THE BASIC AUTOMATIC MODE: The vacuum cleaner moves without a clearly defined path, combining the chaotic movement of the movement in a spiral, along the walls and around the furniture legs. The user can choose the cleaning time – 13, 30, 90 minutes, or the maximum time until the battery is completely discharged.

The robot is moving pretty chaotic, but in 90 minutes it leaves almost no empty spaces, cleaning 20 and 14 square meters one by one room and hallway and not forgetting to enter the toilet and bathroom – we left the doors open, no thresholds between them and the hallway.

Cleaning time of 30 minutes is adequate for small rooms, so you need to limit the area where the vacuum cleaner works: for example, to close the door: no “virtual wall” or strap-restrictor.

The first big cleaning went without our participation – we just ran the robot, pre-cleaned the floor wires and small objects. We did not put any artificial obstacles or trash in it. We decided that it would be impractical to wet clean with a microfiber cloth the first time, it was too dirty for that, and the cloth is designed specifically for final cleaning: to collect the finest dust, traces of sprinkled flour, for example.

So the robot did its first “cleaning session” and then we did a simple test: we wet a common broom and cleaned the floor with it – that’s what you do when you don’t have time to vacuum but need to quickly pick up pet hairs, which are a daily scourge for pet owners. Not only in the center of the room, but also under the closet, where the robot has gone several times. We can’t say that there wasn’t a speck of dust on the broom, but it was pretty clean, and usually in such cases it’s all in the wool and the terrible dust.

The second cleaning was the next day. The robot has already become a pet, so we decided to “feed” it: we poured him a mixture of millet, tea, dry herbs. It was interesting to watch – will he find his “food” and “eat” whether or not. Not immediately, but in a few passes the dirt was removed. By the way, despite the lack of special “Perimeter” program when the robot should move along the walls and furniture , the robot understands perfectly well that you have to go through these areas and after processing each area of the room does not forget to go around the edges.

Robot vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners
YUJIN Robot iClebo
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum cleaning robots

Complicated: put a small rug in the middle of the room and poured the garbage mixture on it. By the way, even without activating the function climb overcoming thresholds robot perfectly and easily got on the carpet, although its height 18 mm pile length 12 mm . You have chosen SPOT mode. – remark. ed. to remove localized dirt over an area of 1 m². Of course, the robot did not remove such a difficult dirt from the deep nap, and we found out that when we shook the carpet. But everything that was more or less on the surface disappeared into the dust collector, visually the mat looks clean.

Robot vacuums
YUJIN Robot iClebo
Robot vacuum cleaners

Test on the table – testing the height difference sensors. The package manual forbids using the robot on high surfaces, and it is probably right – the robot is not specialized for cleaning furniture. But checking on the table helps to understand if the robot will fall down the stairs, if, for example, will clean a private house on the second floor. No, it won’t! Height difference sensors work very well.

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Overcoming thresholds. This function is called climbing. – Note. ed. , when activated, the robot is able to overcome obstacles – thresholds up to 18 mm, wires, small differences in height for example, to drive on the fluffy carpet . It can be turned off immediately with the cleaning mode. The battery charge is used up a little faster in this case not significantly .

By the way, the robot is able not only to overcome thresholds, but also, as it turned out, to open the door loose – for example, we closed the door to the nursery, as there were a lot of toys on the floor, the robot opened it and funny swung over the rails of a toy train until we escorted him out and closed the door more tightly.

It’s better not to activate this function unnecessarily, because the robot perceives all small obstacles, such as the 3 cm high base of a lamp or a small threshold in front of a closed balcony door, as a challenge.

Robot vacuums
YUJIN Robot iClebo
YUJIN Robot iClebo

Problems and obstacles

The model has a self-diagnostic function and if there is a problem, the display shows a blinking symbol. In the manual you can find explanations – what they mean and how you can help the robot. But our test cleaning results show that in case of a minor problem the robot reacts ineffectively, and you can guess that something went wrong by its sound.

For example, a piece of string wrapped around the wheel and both brushes. The robot continued to work, although the movements of all these parts were impeded and the process was no longer efficient. Tangled in the wires – same thing, no signals. You can tell when there’s a problem by the sound it makes when the robot is stuck. Signals and “requests” for help are provided in some more serious cases: blocking the brush, filling the vacuum cleaner.

What other problems have there been? Drove under the closet easily – the height was quite possible, drove there and got stuck. Probably a problem with the unevenness of the floor and the bottom of the cabinet – the floor is a rustic boardwalk, and the cabinet is very old, straight “many respects”. Could not drive under any of our different chairs: does not pass the diameter. Conclusion: chairs up. Wires you can’t take them all away, can you?! mostly overcomes, but it’s still best not to leave them behind: once confused.

Robot vacuum cleaners
Robot vacuum cleaners

Here we check the time it takes for the robot to use up all its battery power.

Start of cleaning: 14.23, the end – 16.38. In total the robot ran for 2 hours and 35 minutes 155 minutes . Manufacturer promises 120 to 160 minutes depending on floor type .

I should say that there is no problem with finding the base – the robot finds it easily. Charging takes less than the claimed 90 minutes – about an hour.

WET MURDER with the installed “mop”, that is, a holder for a microfiber cloth, which should be slightly wet. There are two such wipes in the set. It is advisable to use the “mop” after the usual cleaning, when the main dirt is removed and only the smallest is left. The wipe does not remove difficult dirt – it is not the full wet cleaning that a wet vacuum cleaner provides, but it “fixes” the result and makes the room much cleaner.

YUJIN Robot iClebo
YUJIN Robot iClebo

Cleaning, maintenance and care

Robotic vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners
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Dust canister is removed from the body at the touch of a button – easy and fast, opens also easily, the dust can be disposed of quite hygienically in a bag or bucket. The filter cassette is built into the dust canister, it can be removed by pushing the lever and cleaned with the included brush dry cleaning only . If the robot is used frequently, it is recommended to change the filter every 3 months 2 spare filters are included .

Microfiber cloth can be washed in a washing machine or by hand.

Round main brush can be taken out, in its axis there are special grooves, where you can easily insert a pair of scissors, which allows you to cut and remove the wound hair, threads, wool.

The lithium-ion battery “survives” repeated charging and discharging very well and almost losslessly. The lithium-ion battery lasts for several years.

How it navigates?

The robot has more than 20 sensors and sensors that help it navigate the apartment. The bumper has infrared sensors that measure the distance from the robot to the wall or furniture. When approaching them, the vacuum cleaner slows down, stops, turns to the side and continues cleaning nearby.

A sensor in the center of the bumper detects whether you can drive under furniture, which should prevent the robot from getting stuck under couches and cabinets. Sensors of elevation differences at the bottom of the body, they help the robot “see” stairs and steps and not to fall from them.


Character-based control panel on the body, programs and functions are marked with intuitive touch-sensitive “icons” on the widescreen display. Operation is simple and does not require frequent reference to the manual. On the side of the body is a button to turn on off vacuum cleaner. The charging station has a light indicator of work.

Vacuum cleaning robots
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Remote control allows you to adjust the route of the robot, to send it to a local pollution SPOT mode , forcibly return to the base of the.

Robot vacuums

Compactness and good cross-country ability, comfortable dust bag, low noise level, easy control, impressive cleaning quality, possibility of easy wet cleaning, short charging time and long – term cleaning time, which makes the device more comfortable to use

Cleaning, easy overcoming of obstacles, ergonomic base.

No programmable cleaning schedule function and no movement limiters virtual wall, magnetic tape .

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